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Series 1, Episode 4

I don’t want to be seen as a token

The Full Picture | Colt Technology Services

This week we talk with three women of Colt, who share the experiences they’ve had in their careers that shaped the women they are today. Jeme, Helen and Shweta reflect on the shifting perceptions of women in the workplace, the frustrations of tokenism and the importance of taking risks. Further speaker details below.

About the Full Picture

The Full Picture is a podcast from Colt Technology Services combining individual stories and expert opinions to make sense of the world around us. We’re excited to cover new ground this series, such as the trans experience of the workplace, modern masculinity and coming out at work.

Giving every voice a platform to be heard and building an environment where our people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work is a core focus for our business. Producing this podcast is our way of taking one meaningful step towards that, through education, communication and listening.

The Full Picture blends personal stories from our Colties, their own experiences and unique perspectives, along with the views and insights from experts within our industry and beyond. Episodes will focus in on topics that mean something to our people and the workforces of other organisations such as mental health, neurodiversity in tech, changing conversations about race, to name a few.

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Meet our guest speakers


Jeme Durici

Finance Director, Operations and Engineering

Jeme Durici has been at Colt for three years. She is a Chartered Management Accountant but has held a number of different roles in different industries including Strategy and Consultancy and Commercial bidding. Additionally, she also coaches young people, formally via Colt-sponsored networks and informally via personal connections. She is a strong advocate of women’s rights and believes in breaking down barriers to help women reach their true potential. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor pursuits including gardening, watersports and going on long walks in the countryside.


Schweta Sason

Associate Senior Manager, Billing Account & Tariff Management

Shweta Sason is Associate Senior Manager at Colt with over 17 years of experience in Telecom Billing. She has successfully managed teams, global stakeholders, offshore process transitions and implemented robust controls. She has expertise in the area of process re-engineering and automation. She is also an active member of core committees within Colt to promote culture, diversity and development.

Helen 5

Helen Lawrence

Vice President of Sales Enablement

Helen first joined Colt in 2001 as a Business Relationship Manager, a position she held for over 5 years. After a period away running her own training business, she returned to Colt 10 years ago and has enjoyed a variety of roles in Sales Enablement until her current position. Helen is also an active mentor and enjoys passing some of the valuable support and advice she has received over the years on to others.