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Ikyu Corporation selects Colt’s low-latency, high-bandwidth cloud connectivity to power all of its reservation sites


About Ikyu

Ikyu Corporation is a leader in the booking industry and our motto is “Luxury from Within.” We own and operate the booking site ikyu.com which specialises in luxury hotels and ryokan, and also provide bookings for premium business hotels, luxury resorts and hotels around the world, and a curated selection of the highest class restaurants, as well as sales of gift vouchers. Ikyu aspires to have a site where users have the peace of mind that any of the businesses with Ikyu are a safe bet, and businesses themselves know that being with Ikyu gives them brand power. We continue to grow and develop our business in order to provide high-quality service for everyone.

Ikyu’s business challenge

We decided to move all of our booking sites, including the main site dedicated to booking luxury hotels and ryokan – ikyu.com – to AWS for improved usability, as well as to reduce administrative overhead TCO (total cost of ownership). We needed somebody that could provide 1Gbps connectivity with low latency and great value to help us handle the annual increase of users accessing our sites in a way that to maintain our current level of user satisfaction.

Why Colt

Colt has a great track record in the financial sector as well as great reliability, and they’re also the only carrier able to provide a high-bandwidth 1Gbps network and low-cost L3 Managed Devices service. Usability refinements, such as improving the responsiveness of search functions for a booking site, are indispensable for providing seamless service to customers, and Colt’s network is rated highly for low-latency applications like this.

Future plans

We are extremely satisfied with the performance of the Colt IQ Network. In order to provide better service for customers, we at Ikyu Corporation are developing new services every year to expand on current offerings. We plan to have Colt continue to provide us with a high-quality network environment to improve user satisfaction, and to support our business needs.

We chose Colt’s Cloud Connectivity Service with their low latency and high-value service since all of our booking sites, including ikyu.com, which specialises in bookings for luxury hotels and ryokan, are hosted through AWS for stability. Colt’s low-latency, broadband network contributes greatly to our business, allowing us to continually provide the quality of service we strive for based on our business strategy of “Creating New Value for the World,” which puts our users first.Takehito Uetake, Director, Technology Division, Ikyu Corporation

Colt solution

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access →

Colt Cloud Connectivity Service is a high-quality and secure network service that connects clients to cloud services (AWS, Azure, Bluemix) using a leased line in a private network.


  • Fully guaranteed bandwidth via leased line
  • Colt provides Direct Connect in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
  • Colt is an Authorized APN Technology Partner. Used by multiple enterprise and system integrators, a majority of which use high-bandwidth connections ranging upwards of 1Gbps


Leased Line Connection
ProvidedGuaranteed bandwidth: 50M/100M/200M/300M/400M/500M/1G
Burst: 1G/3G/5G (Max 10G Bandwidth Possible)
ConfigurationPoint-to-point (connect from single access point)
Service AreaTokyo 23 Wards, Tama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, parts of Osaka
Available VPC~500M: 1VPC Over 1G: Multiple VPCs available (Tagged VLAN required)
SLADelivery, incident recovery, availability, bandwidth recovery
OtherGuaranteed bandwidth from Client to AWS

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On Demand and Dedicated Cloud Access services recognised at Network Transformation Awards

Colt has picked up two awards at the Network Transformation Awards, which took place in The Hague last night as part of SDN NFV World Congress 2018.

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