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IMAGICA Corporation selects Colt’s low-latency, high-bandwidth Dedicated Cloud Access to handle mass video data

In addition to post-production services, at IMAGICA we off er archiving services which include repairing and converting valuable historical video footage for coming generations, streamlining workflows for ever-changing production environments like high-res visual production, and online data archiving services to meet the various demands of production work. We’ve also started to off er post-production services for major projects in Asia, the U.S., and Europe through the establishment of IMAGICA South East Asia, and we’re working aggressively to distribute Japanese content globally as well.

IMAGICA’s business challenge
With our previous VPN, it took much time to upload large volumes of video data since the connection was of poor quality. We decided it would be much more efficient to combine AWS computing resources with a low-latency, high bandwidth network service. Low latency was especially important to us due to the frequency we needed remotely duplicate high-volume video data – the lower the RTD (round trip delay) latency, the more efficient we can work.

Why Colt
IMAGICA processes terabytes upon terabytes of video data each week, so we need a network provider that offers low-latency and high-bandwidth. Another factor we need to consider is the ability to handle requests from our end-users, especially those that require temporary bandwidth upscaling with short lead times for video production. Price, of course, was another important factor. Colt impressed us with their track record in serving the financial industry and performed with the least amount of latency in our tests. On top of that, their service offers great price-to-performance.

Future plans
Colt has helped us tackle our bandwidth requirements and enabled us to process large volumes of data effi ciently. We’re very satisfi ed with the smoothness of operation with Colt Network Services. As we are expanding our business globally, we hope to partner with Colt in regions outside of Japan as well.

IMAGICA’s mission is to “bring video communication to life”, and to this end, we’ve adopted Colt’s low-latency, high bandwidth network to quickly and efficiently process the large volumes of video data we work with. I look forward to Colt continuing to provide us with reliable network services for our mission-critical IT infrastructure. Takaaki Kudo, Manager, R&D Group, Technology Administration Department

Colt solutions

Colt Cloud Connectivity Service

Colt Cloud Connectivity Service is a high-quality and secure network service that connects clients to cloud services (AWS, Azure, Bluemix) using a leased line in a private network.


  • Fully guaranteed bandwidth via leased line
  • Colt provides Direct Connect in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
  • Colt is an Authorized APN Technology Partner. Used by multiple enterprise and system integrators, a majority of which use high-bandwidth connections ranging upwards of 1Gbps

Connectivity overview


Leased Line Connection
ProvidedGuaranteed bandwidth: 50M/100M/200M/300M/400M/500M/1G Burst: 1G/3G/5G (Max 10G Bandwidth Possible)
ConfigurationPoint-to-point (connect from single access point)
Service AreaTokyo 23 Wards, Tama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, parts of Osaka
Available VPC~500M: 1VPC Over 1G: Multiple VPCs available (Tagged VLAN required)
SLADelivery, incident recovery, availability, bandwidth recovery Other
OtherGuaranteed bandwidth from Client to AWS

Download the full case study

Case Study

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

Colt delivers reliable connectivity for ANA’s marketing analytics system with Colt Dedicated Cloud Access…

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On Demand and Dedicated Cloud Access services recognised at Network Transformation Awards

Colt has picked up two awards at the Network Transformation Awards, which took place in The Hague last night as part of SDN NFV World Congress 2018.

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