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IMAGICA Lab. were the first customers in Japan to choose Colt On Demand Services in order to efficiently upload large video data to the cloud.

Customer’s challenge

Since its founding in 1935, IMAGICA has supported the entertainment industry as the largest post production company in Japan. “We use state of the art video technology to provide video production services that create, deliver and leave every image rich in quality.” IMAGICA is also active outside of Japan exporting, dubbing and subtitling Japanese film and TV in collaboration with SDI Media Inc.

The company deals with in excess of 10 terabytes of video data every week which needs to be uploaded to AWS quickly and stably.

Therefore, IMAGICA introduced Colt’s high bandwidth, low latency Direct Cloud Access service (AWS Direct Connect). In choosing Colt Direct Cloud Access it became possible for IMAGICA to perform video conversion work with higher performance and higher security than before. “Previously we had used on-premises equipment with fixed resources however now with Colt On Demand services and AWS we can freely increase or decrease our usage. This makes it ideal for sudden data conversion work.

“If the maximum bandwidth is always provisioned across our network in case of an enormous unexpected data processing request; it is going to cost us a lot of money when our network is not in use. It would be ideal if we were able to scale back our bandwidth and thus our costs during periods of less usage” Mr Kudo recalled.

By using Colt on Demand alongside AWS we’re able to efficiently manage unexpected peaks in data transfer, thanks to the flexibility afforded by the two services. This also enables us to reduce our costs long term by scaling back our bandwidth when we don’t need it.Takaaki Kudo, Manager, R&D Group, Technology Administration Department

Colt On Demand was chosen by IMAGICA in order to better manage their network requirements. Colt On Demand is a dedicated line that boasts high performance, however, using an online portal, network managers are able to change the service’s bandwidth in real-time. The service is perfect for a company that occasionally needs ultra-high bandwidth to meet big irregular data conversion requests.

“Because Colt On Demand enables real-time bandwidth changes via an online portal it allows us to make the best possible use of the ‘pay-as-you-go’ commercial model of the cloud. When we’re using fewer cloud services we can now use less bandwidth enabling us to save even more money. It also allows us to suddenly increase our bandwidth to meet sudden requests” said Mr Kudo.

Furthermore, the service can be automatically configured to increase or decrease bandwidth on certain days and times to further drive efficiencies. IMAGICA, for instance, chose to automatically scale its bandwidth down over the weekend when no work was to be done.

“With the introduction of Colt On Demand, we are able to control our bandwidth to meet our technical and financial targets. It provides a high cost-effectiveness” Mr Kudo explained with satisfaction.

IMAGICA wanted to move from having a single AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) account to a multi account setup. To enable this Colt On Demand was able to configure their connectivity to meet AWS’s multi-account requirements.

Future Plans

Content handled by the video production industry will continue to be digitalised with the amount of data being processed also increasing. “We are planning to further increase our flexibility by creating mechanisms that can automatically adjust our bandwidth in according to the size of the file being transferred,” Mr Kudo said. “In order to convert large volumes of video data efficiently and stably whilst responding to digitisation trends; we would like Colt to continue to support our IT infrastructure with high tech and high quality services’ Mr Kudo emphasised.

The case of IMAGICA Lab. (Imagica) gave us lessons to learn/made us confirm the accuracy of our HBW strategy in the market; The market was working on the digital transformation which was shifting their platform from On-premise to Cloud(AWS). Also the customer recognizes our network solution value which they ought to keep high level security and high performance by HBW; High secured NW protects them from any threats to lose their data (Movie, Video and Sound) , their property they spend many hours and efforts to create; HBW solution gives them TCO saving which they can handle big data with speed and stability.

The case study of IMAGICA Lab. (Imagica) supports us to approach Media and Entertainment market in Asia; The case study gives us a confidence to work in these market by the Imagica’s market presence, a trusted position with long history and major player in the market and it gives us advanced position as Colt is trusted provider by Imagica.




Media Industry


IMAGICA needed high bandwidth, dedicated access to AWS, a low-latency network to process large volumes of video data, short delivery times & excellent price-to-performance


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