International Telecoms Week 2018

ITW 2018

Regionally produced content is the number one opportunity for carriers looking to export traffic to consumers in other regions, with the combination of globalisation and digitisation increasing demand for intercontinental connectivity in both the developed and the developing world.

This highlights the importance of collaboration between submarine networks, wireless networks and specialist terrestrial networks to ensure access to all the key data centres where carriers can aggregate their traffic as well as get content closer to the end consumer. Colt connects over 850+ datacenters and 25,600 buildings worldwide.

Coastal data centre clusters are attractive targets for subsea cable landing points, with Marseille fulfilling a role as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East and Asia, Helsinki providing a landing point for Russian traffic and a booming business in data centre clusters expanding across the Nordics and Iceland. There is similar growth in Hong Kong and Singapore, with the latter acting as the new hub for Asia subsea interconnectivity. Meanwhile, with a super dense fibre network across key metros in Europe and Asia, Colt can act as a single supplier capable of supporting multinational wireless networks.

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6-9th May, 2018




Chicago, Illinois, USA