VoIP: Letting go of voice legacy

Much of modern digital business design is devoted to disposing of physical constraints.  ‘Letting go’ and ‘Managed Exit’ may attempt to soften personal disruptions but other disposals reflect a shift towards delivering better outcomes rather than managing tangible assets.

These outcomes include:

  • getting closer to the customer
  • providing greater flexibility for ourselves and our customers
  • enabling faster responses to events and opportunities

…or just saving money

But which one is the priority? While “all the above” may be the answer – the further questions of “why?” and “how?” are needed to  prioritize and especially enable the engagement of the right allies, partners and stakeholders.

The migration to VoIP is a clear example of this.  Almost all businesses are now planning to migrate from older TDM technology to Voice over IP, but while the business case may focus on saving money, the real benefits come from new communications models transforming their business – for example cloud-based UC.

So given this transformation, VoIP provides an excellent new business opportunity (especially for US operators in European and Far East markets). But how can you get close to customers who are on the other side of the planet or even the other side of a border?

Customers will still expect faster and slicker responses

Can you free up your  people to work closer to customers? Will you be able to support new territories or remote offices?  Should you build your own capabilities or work with partners – Do they have experience and expertise that you can’t, or would want to, replicate?

Can you make you employees ready for the change?

Can you re-think how your people work and collaborate both inside and outside the business – are there partners who have developed or are developing better practices that they could share with you?

What are the insights to be gained and how will you use them?

From a management perspective, the insights available from more sophisticated analytics may be less important than a reduction in cost-sensitive issues such problem resolution and assured conformance with policies for data protection and service levels.

To address this opportunity you will be looking for a quick market entry, preferably with minimum investment and low risk. For that, you will need to consider a service provider partner with a combination of technical, process and regulatory expertise including:

  • A future-ready SIP trunking service portfolio – from innovative VoIP solutions with automated number management to fully featured white label services.
  • Fully regulatory compliant services – you really don’t want to invest in local processes and regulation if you don’t have to.
  • Award winning high bandwidth Ethernet for VoIP connectivity
  • Market leading tools to ensure your customer experience is in your control
  • Extended global footprint and long and deep market and cultural experience.

Even with the best partner, all these potential gains can only be realized with careful planning. Your planning does need to rise above short-term tactical maneuvers and has to be rooted in a longer-term vision. We know vision and planning alone will not ensure your organization’s success. But along the way, it does ensure talent and creativity is better focused. And that is a recipe for success,,,but only if you let go of the legacy.

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