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Cloud connectivity to Azure and AWS on Colt’s ethernet VPN

About Japan Business Systems, Inc.

Japan Business Systems, Inc. is an independent system integrator that provides a wide range of services including implementation, application development, system maintenance, and IT infrastructure management, mainly for Microsoft products. We leverage tight partnerships to provide the best systems and services to our customers. For this, we’ve received much recognition for our achievements, such as “Microsoft Partner of the Year”.

We are a group of professionals whose priority is to understand customer requirements and ensure 120% satisfaction. Our most fundamental rule is “Customer First” and all our resources are dedicated toward upholding this principle. Our strength lies in the strong desires of our personnel to understand customer requirements and challenges in order to exceed their expectations.

Our business challenge

One of our customers, a private university with approximately 10,000 students, was looking for simultaneous connectivity to separate cloud environments for different types of research projects. We proposed a multi-cloud solution, connecting the customer to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure as backup. Another requirement they had was low-cost broadband connectivity to their campus, which was located remotely from the nearest major city. As connectivity provision – and the necessary sales, consultation, and other expertise – was not our specialty, and was something the university couldn’t furnish on their own, we needed a network service provider to fill this gap.

Why Colt

The university, despite being in a remote area, was within Colt’s coverage area. Colt’s network services, Colt Ethernet VPN, offered both simplicity and high performance. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness of their service was comparatively better than other competitors.

The university plans to connect other campuses in the future, an expansion that Colt already has a solution for in Colt Ethernet VPN. In fact, Colt is able to provide a one-stop connectivity solution for all the university’s needs. JBS complements this with cloud services, circuits, verification, and management services to enable the customer’s plan for a next-generation IT platform.

Future plans

This was the university’s first experience with using a cloud service and required significant system verification during the implementation stage. However, as time-consuming as the process was, it also validated the high value and costeffectiveness of Colt’s network services. Through this we see the potential and increased demand for multi-cloud services in the future. We hope to strengthen our partnership with Colt and continue to provide flexible and optimum solutions to our customers.

We decided to go with Colt because their service allows simultaneous connectivity to multiple clouds like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, while also providing cost-effective high bandwidth network. Colt’s connectivity platform enables us to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our end users.Takeshi Miura ,Executive Officer and Director, Partner Alliance

Colt solution

  • Colt Ethernet VPN is a wide-area Ethernet VPN service that links the various sites along your LAN together in a multipoint configuration.
  • Colt Ethernet VPN enables customers to keep TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) down by making high-volume, highbandwidth data transfer affordable, a boon in the face of rising data traffic brought about by cloudification and advanced corporate systems.
  • Network coverage is Japan-wide with an ever growing number of connections to major data centres. Choose from a variety of access circuits to meet your requirements.
  • Colt Ethernet VPN also supports multi-cloud connectivity (for AWS/Azure) through the Cloud Gateway option. Access multiple public cloud services with just a single Colt circuit that can bypass the internet and offer dedicated connectivity.

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