Jason Li

HR Senior Recruiter, China

I love sport, especially football. At school I was a basketball player but then I transferred to a different high school where everyone played football – it was only me who didn’t know how to play. After a year or so, I was a pretty decent player and now, about 15 years later, I still play once a week. I play football around the house with my seven year old daughter too. I’m a big Barcelona fan, I watch all their matches and my daughter has started joining me – she refuses to watch if its not Barcelona. Her English name is Messi.

Having a child was the biggest decision I’ve ever made. I try to teach her everything that my parents and grandparents taught me:  to be honest, to be loyal, and to be kind. Those three values guide everything I do. I work in recruitment at Colt and wherever I first do a call with a candidate, I always make sure to just talk to them as if their a friend. I want them to be able to relax and feel comfortable ahead of the interview. I would say I generally achieve this and I’m really proud of my ability to do that.

Jason Li | HR Senior Recruiter | China