Joshua De Souza

Junior Product Marketing Manager, London

I did a bit of kayaking when I was younger, but it was only when I went on a university trip to Lee Valley in Hertfordshire that I discovered whitewater kayaking. I absolutely loved it. I won’t lie, it still scares me – every time I do a new rapid, I’ll have a look and see how safe it is. Even if it’s on the cusp of the threshold, I’ll still do it. It’s about that thrill, you take every precaution and you’re looking out for yourself and the people around you, but you’re heading into the unknown. It’s a lot of fun.

I took part in the Colt Bike Ride this year and that was a completely different kind of fun – we were looked after so well, everything was planned out perfectly for us. The Colt Bike Ride is a charity bike ride that we do every year, cycling between two Colt offices to raise money for different children’s charities around the  world. It was an incredible experience. The routes were beautiful and I had the chance to spend time in a team with people I’ve never worked with directly. These kinds of things – whether cycling over 500km or  throwing yourself down some rapids, you’re bettering yourself. You never think afterwards, ‘Well I regret  doing that.’ That’s why I’m signing up again for the Bike Ride next year.

Joshua De Souza | Junior Product Marketing Manager

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