Kana Hashimoto

Marketing - Marketing Asia, Japan

I got my scuba diving license about two years ago in Krabi, Thailand. I try to go on two or three dives a year outside of Japan – I particularly like going to the Philippines, the tropical fish there are amazing. I’m hoping to go to Malapascua Island this summer as I’ve heard there is a unique species of shark that you can swim with there. Before I had my license, I would have never thought that there’s a whole other world, a world that I’ve never seen, below the water. You can look at the sea and just see the surface, or you can dive in and discover so many new, unexpected, colourful things.

I like meeting new people, discovering something new, and figuring out and understanding everything. I work in the Marketing team at Colt and whenever we do marketing activities with partners or clients, I enjoy meeting them and getting very detailed. I try to come up with the best solution for them to then execute. I think I’m just that kind of person – I like to deep-dive into things.

Kana Hashimoto | Manager, Marketing Asia | Japan