Larissa Bao

Facilities Coordinator, China

I used to work in Colt’s parent company and my manager there told me, “If you want to improve yourself, find someone around you who inspires you and learn from them.” I think it’s the most useful thing I’ve ever learned. Before you make a decision, you have to think, ‘what would they do in this situation?’ Little by little, that kind of thinking starts to become natural and you’ve brought yourself up to the same level of the person that you admire.

Whenever I change environments, I seek out somebody to learn from. One of our Facilities Managers at Colt is a person who I really look up to – she was my first manager here. I think she’s so clever, so professional, and she speaks English with such a perfect London accent! I’m working to get my English as good as hers. I am surrounded by these kinds of people at Colt – it inspires me to be the best that I can.

Larissa Bao | Facilities Coordinator | China