Manjori Ahmed

Lead Consultant Service Operations, Bangalore

19th April 2012: it seemed just like any other day at work but it wasn’t. I was tired and exhausted, I had stayed up until 4am the previous night to deliver some data analytics to our USA stakeholders. I thought, ‘I need a break from work.’ My parents were unwell, my daughter was just seven years old, and I asked myself, ‘what am I doing?’

My life was getting so hard but I wasn’t going to give up yet. So, at lightning speed, I typed out my resignation letter and submitted it right there and then. It took four long months for me to get out of the commitments but I wasn’t planning on joining somewhere else, so I was not in a hurry.

Now, my new journey of a woman who was an IT leader, but started as a home-maker begun. For the first few months I slept like a log, but soon enough I started finding it difficult to stay home and do nothing. As a child, I was good at different forms of art like dancing, painting and jewellery designing, but I never got an opportunity to pursue and refine that talent because I was always told I should only focus on studies.

I wanted to do something for myself and so I enrolled on a six-month certification course. The course looked at pencil on paper and acrylic on canvas and was at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath – the academy of fine arts in Bangalore. And bang! One month later I had my first exhibition. I then studied another six-month certification course which was on watercolour and oil painting.

A lot of other things happened too – I worked at different places within the IT industry and then I joined Colt. The best thing about Colt is the work-life balance. Here, no one expects me to be online out of office hours and no one has ever has ever demanded that I stay in the office late. When I finish for the day, I wrap up my household work and then spend at least 30 minutes with my brushes, canvas, and papers. Being at Colt has given me the opportunity to be content with my job and has still given me the time to keep my passion alive.