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About Shinkokai

In keeping with their credo, “In Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and Trust”, Shinkokai provides high-quality medical services with the aim of becoming the standard for the healthcare industry. They opened their first clinic in 1980 and have grown to seven facilities.

Shinkokai’s Business Challenge

In the past Shinkokai would collect all of the medical imaging data generated by their clinics at a central server and redistribute the data back to the clinics overnight. Their previous communications network was only able to provide bandwidth on a best-effort basis, which created significant delays since the data was particularly voluminous. Often, the process could not be completed in a timely manner. Further complicating matters was the fact that the systems for diagnoses and imaging did not run in tandem, creating overlapping costs and increased operational workloads.

Why Colt?

Coinciding with upgrades to the medical imaging system, Shinkokai reviewed its infrastructure scheme and decided to integrate and centralise its communications over Colt’s network. Colt was selected on the strength of its low latency solution and and a firmly established track record in the financial services industry. After careful consideration, Shinkokai concluded that while migrating networks was no small undertaking, Colt would provide much greater long-term cost advantages and performance benefits over its current solution.

With VPN connectivity, Shinkokai was able to comply with all communications regulations set forth by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. With guaranteed bandwidth, data transfer issues for the imaging system and diagnosis system were smoothed out. And finally, with a more simplified network configuration, IT administration costs and workloads were significantly reduced.

Future Plans

Medical organizations are bound by law to retain confidential medical records for a certain period of time. This in turn necessitates sufficient security and backup measures. Thus, Shinkokai plans to strengthen and maintain IT infrastructure security in order to safeguard the information and trust of its customers.

With the continued growth in complexity of our medical diagnosis and imaging systems we needed a way to integrate them on a reliable, low-latency, and affordable network. As Colt has been providing exactly these types of circuits to the financial industry for quite some time, they were a great match for our requirements. Compared to before, throughput has roughly doubled.Kiyoshi Suzuki, Leader of Information Management Division, Head of Administration

Colt Solution

Colt’s solution is a dedicated, bandwidth-guaranteed IP-VPN network that connects Shinkokai’s clinics to their central server and one another.

Colt IPVPN →
Colt IPVPN is a private and secure IP VPN service, enabling seamless integration of multiple services including network, cloud, managed IT, data center, and Internet services. With its cloud-centric architecture and Japan-wide coverage, NetXpress allows customers, using a single integrated access circuit, to access private and public cloud services and a host of different services via a choice of bandwidth-guaranteed or broadband access circuits.

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