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Colt data centre and cloud connectivity services chosen as platform for financial services information site

About MINKABU, Inc.

Our core business focuses on providing critical financial information to individual and enterprise clients over the internet. Instead of relying on a large, traditional human resources pool to generate the necessary data, we use an innovative approach, leveraging collective (crowdsourced) intelligence analysis technology. Our method uses social media combined with quantitative analysis and autogenerated feeds, creating a unique blend of FinTech to deliver high-quality financial information both efficiently and in real time to all. Furthermore, our combination of crowdsourced and artificial intelligence attains both high performance and wide reach. It is an approach that solves the human resources burden borne by financial analysts and editors up to this point in delivering critical data, and is highly lauded by individual and enterprise clients.

We strive to continue developing as a strong and independent company by creating maximum value for our passengers, our stakeholders and ourselves. From the executive management team to our newest crew members, our combined efforts will give rise to an even higher quality of product and service than ever before.

Minkabu’s business challenge

We’d been looking for ways to outsource our information platform and use cloud technology to streamline operational costs and resource usage.
In particular, we sought a reliable, flexible provider that could provide both private data centre colocation and AWS public cloud connectivity. The reason for this is that we divide our content into private or public data based on priority level. Furthermore, we needed to make sure our cloud connectivity was highly reliable, highly secure, and highly available. We felt comfortable choosing Colt because of their proven track record, especially in serving the financial industry.

Why Colt

Along with Colt’s reputation for data centre excellence among securities companies and other financial organizations, the stability of Colt’s high-quality, low-latency networks was also an important factor, as well as Colt’s ability to provide fully redundant connectivity.

The key differentiator was that Colt offers AWS cloud connectivity that is both highly reliable and at an attractive cost point.

Being able to outsource both private and public connectivity to a single vendor in Colt allowed us to optimize costs and maximize resources. All in all, Colt has provided us an outstanding set of services.

Future plans

Colt is one of the few data centre providers with a real international presence, especially compared to other providers in Japan. Since we at Minkabu plan to expand overseas, it’s great to know that we already have a partner we can trust to help our global strategy.

Minkabu Group is expanding its business in Japan as well as internationally. As part of our global business strategy, we needed to rethink our infrastructure. We needed a new IT platform, one with many new requirements Colt was able to satisfy. We hope that Colt will continue to support us as a solutions partner as we grow our business inside and outside of Japan.Rikiei Watanabe, COO and Executive Director, MINKABU, Inc.

Colt solution

Colt Dedicated Cloud Access →

Colt Cloud Connectivity Service is a high-quality and secure network service that connects clients to cloud services (AWS, Azure, Bluemix) using a leased line in a private network.


  • Fully guaranteed bandwidth via leased line
  • Colt provides Direct Connect in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Dublin, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
  • Colt is an Authorized APN Technology Partner. Used by multiple enterprise and system integrators, a majority of which use high-bandwidth connections ranging upwards of 1Gbps


Leased Line Connection
Provided Guaranteed bandwidth: 50M/100M/200M/300M/400M/500M/1G
Burst: 1G/3G/5G (Max 10G Bandwidth Possible)
Configuration Point-to-point (connect from single access point)
Service Area Tokyo 23 Wards, Tama, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, parts of Osaka
Available VPC ~500M: 1VPC Over 1G: Multiple VPCs available (Tagged VLAN required)
SLA Delivery, incident recovery, availability, bandwidth recovery
Other Guaranteed bandwidth from Client to AWS

Colocation Services  →

Designed for serving the needs of the financial services industry. Each of Colt’s data centre facilities in Asia is ISMS/ISO 27001 certified, SSAE16 Type II certified*1, follows FISC*2 security guidelines and observes the highest national and international standards for information security. Colt data centres provide the highest levels of security, reliability, and resiliency. Access into Colt facilities is strictly controlled using mantraps, non-contact security cards, PIN codes and biometric authentication devices. Surveillance cameras are installed throughout Colt data centres to detect unauthorized personnel and improper activities, with security guards on patrol around the clock. Colt’s bilingual Service Desk staff handle any inquiries on a 24×7 basis, and in case of service issues, experienced engineers are on-site to restore the service promptly.

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