Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.

The implementation of Colt’s multi-cloud connectivity service has empowered Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd. with the ability to reliably deliver their multi-cloud storage solution, Dibertas.

Business challenge - to find a network with low latency and high stability

After separating from Mitsubishi Bank (now MUFG Bank) in 1970, Mitsubishi Research Institute DSC Co., Ltd. (MRI DCS) leveraged their deep track record in banking, credit card, and other financial services to expand their operations as a consultancy that provides total IT solutions for tasks such as outsourcing and BPO, based mainly out of Chiba Information Centre. The firm was integrated into the MRI Group in 2004, and their mission statement is to help customers grow through ICT, as they themselves grow alongside them. They have been working to enhance their clients’ corporate value by delivering end-to-end value chains.

Dibertas is a multi-cloud storage service provided by MRI DCS that offers centralised management of the data that customers use across the various public clouds and on premises services. Through the inter-cloud sharing of data spread out among the different services, clients enjoy the benefits of a storage solution that delivers both freedom and security. MRI DCS had compared and reviewed a number of cloud connectivity solutions in preparation for Dibertas’s launch. “The concept behind Dibertas is to securely safeguard our clients’ data by maintaining and monitoring the storage at our data centre. We had been looking for a network capable of connecting our environment with public clouds in a way that is both secure and high in quality,” says Mr. Gouda.

Our number-one priority in launching Dibertas, our multi-cloud storage service, was to build a stable, high-speed environment aimed at those looking for a stress-free way to centrally manage their data over multiple public clouds. I am very pleased with how Colt’s broadband, low-latency cloud connectivity service has allowed us to successfully establish a closed-network cloud connection that is both secure and high in quality. We look forward to receiving Colt’s continued support in our efforts to ensure stable delivery and expand the service to meet our users’ needs 

Mr. Takashi Gouda, Managing Executive Officer, Digital Transformation Unit Head, Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.

Why Colt

In choosing a network to support cloud connectivity, MRI DCS opted to go with a dedicated line, in light of the security and connection quality it would provide. “With Dibertas, the cloud server and data storage are located remotely from each other, which made it essential for us to have a reliable and secure dedicated line. The first bottleneck we came up against upon reviewing the various dedicated cloud connectivity solutions was the cost,” remembers Mr. Togo. “By adopting a point to- multipoint configuration that uses the Colt Ethernet Hub as a beginning point to connect to multiple clouds, we were able to reduce costs; installing a line for each public cloud would’ve been more expensive.

Furthermore, with Colt’s network having a ring configuration, we were able to ensure reliability and stability for our service without resorting to carrier redundancy. We feel we received extremely good value for money,” Mr. Togo added, expressing his satisfaction. And because Dibertas is accessed by a large number of users, it was crucial to make sure that the network would have sufficient bandwidth to deliver service at high speeds and with reliable performance.“Dibertas’s benefit lies in the ability its users gain to centrally manage their data across multiple clouds in a free and flexible manner. In order to ensure that our clients can take full advantage of this, lack of latency became another important network selection criteria.

With Colt’s cloud connectivity service, the public clouds are connected directly to the DCS Data Centre via low-latency, closed network connections. This allowed us to keep any latency between the clouds and Dibertas to a minimum,” says Mr. Sato. “Colt’s consultancy service helped us through the process of designing and building our networks inside the public clouds, which was reassuring. The ultimate deciding factor in choosing to go with Colt was the balance they offered between quality and cost performance,” says Mr. Ando.

Future Plans

Mr. Gouda believes that, in addition to storage features, demand for other cloud technology applications such as cloud-based big data analytics has been growing in recent years. “We are seeing more instances where clients use different cloud services depending on the application and turn to Dibertas as a centralised management solution. In keeping with these needs, we intend to extend our compatibility to other public clouds beyond AWS and Microsoft Azure,” Mr. Gouda adds, speaking on the service’s future.

The company is also looking to expand Dibertas even further by rolling out their service in western Japan and establishing service compatibility between Tokyo and Osaka, among other plans. “We are confident that Dibertas’s user base will continue to increase in size. It is our hope that Colt will continue to provide us with high-quality network service and help us deliver Dibertas to our clients in a reliable manner,” Mr. Gouda says.

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Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS Co., Ltd.




Network with low latency and high stability • Optimal balance between quality and cost performance • Technical support in the designing and building of systems


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