Monika Zvonarich

Lead Coordinator, Service Delivery, Vienna

What many people don’t expect from me is that I am a huge Formula 1 fan. I love the thrill of the sport, the impressive technology behind the vehicles and the immense team effort it takes to push the car over the finish line. One of my biggest dreams is to visit once the place where all the magic happens: the pit!

With focus, determination and collaboration, the pit crew can facilitate the change of all four tires in under four seconds. The teamwork in the pit inspires me in my job.

My customer is the driver, and when they need a service delivered, I collaborate with other teams to help us provide the best customer experience possible. I support the teams wherever I can and love getting involved in many projects. The most important thing I’ve learned is never to give up. When something seems impossible, I take a step back and try a different approach because everything is possible! In this aspect, I am a very stubborn person, an attribute I got from the most influential person in my life: my mother. She was so passionate about everything she did, and her determination made her accomplish many great things in her life.

Volunteering brings me great joy, and I like to make the world a better place through my actions. I joined Colt’s Green Team, supporting sustainability initiatives such as cleaning up local parks. I’m also part of the Women+ @Colt Network and a Menopause Champion, where I’m the point of contact and support those experimenting menopause symptoms.

Through my years at Colt, I developed a strong sense of community. We, as ‘Colties’, are one team.

At work, I’m in the pit, collaborating with my team to push our customers over the finish line, and one day, I’ll visit the pit that inspires me every day.