Mowafak Shebib

Sales Engineer, Sweden

I grew up in Damascus, Syria, then I left in 2013 – a couple of years into the conflict. I spent some time in Turkey, then in the UK, then in August 2014, I came to Sweden. My experiences moving around weren’t always easy but I love to travel, so I tried to make the most of them. I had my wife beside me and I’m very much a people person, so I met lots of people along the way.

A friend of mine told me that it’s always important to evaluate where you are, what you’re learning and where you’re going, otherwise you’ll miss out on things. I always do that and I love where I am now and what I do daily in Colt. Before Colt, I wasn’t working directly with customers, and I thought about it and realised that it made no sense given how much I enjoy interacting with people and forming relationships. Now I’m working with different customers every day and learning something new about life with each interaction. We participated in a Google event last year and I looked around and saw lots of our customers and partners. It really made my day to realise that I knew so many people there already! I feel that I have already created a network in Sweden, which is always one of the biggest challenges when you move to a new country. I felt very proud of that.

Mowafak Shebib | Sales Engineer | Sweden