The public internet isn’t your WAN

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Most digital transformation initiatives are doomed from the start. Why? The network won’t be good enough to support them

It’s no secret that most enterprise IT managers and CIOs hate their wide area network. The WAN is typically an expensive, administrative nightmare, with lead times for bandwidth running into months.

What SD-WAN enables is a true hybrid WAN, reducing the level of expertise required to configure the branch to the equivalent of setting up a basic home wireless network with consumer-grade equipment.
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Infrastructure and operations leaders have eschewed traditional wide-area network (WAN) options such as MPLS or Ethernet in favour of all-internet strategies to control costs. But enterprises cannot rely on public internet as the only channel for delivering/consuming services. Amazon, Facebook and Google may have evangelised this approach at one point in time but have since done an about face. The reason is that a ‘good enough’ internet-only WAN cannot deliver on today’s complex application requirements.

If you go with a traditional WAN architecture, the cloud applications will suffer. If you go with an all-internet VPN architecture, the corporate applications suffer.

Forrester research shows 29% of enterprises use public cloud; 33% use hosted private cloud; and 43% use internal private cloud. With 65% already using more than public and/or private cloud, there are strong indicators that the hybrid model is a reality today.