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Building a network to support the Internet of Things

How billions of connected devices will change the shape of networks

Connected devices will generate a massive amount of data in the next few years, but the Internet of Things (IoT) covers a broad range of applications.

Connected cars can generate gigabytes of data that need to be uploaded. At the other end of the scale, equipment sensors might need to connect more frequently but only send small amounts of data at a given time. If you’re planning to use IoT devices or the data they generate, you need to consider several key questions:

  • What data will the devices generate and how does the data get from the device to the aggregation point?
  • From the aggregation point, what happens to it and where?
  • How many different parties are involved at each stage of this journey? And can they all guarantee data security?

In this new white paper, produced in partnership with Cisco, we address these key questions.

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Colt's Universal CPE solution

This initial roll-out will include VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) for Colt’s Versa SD-WAN services and Checkpoint unmanaged firewall. We will look at adding more network services towards the end of the year and through 2020. We are one of the first providers in the industry to offer uCPE, and we’ve teamed up with our partner, ADVA, to develop this.

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Colt goes above and beyond in customer experience to hit latest NPS score

At Colt we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. This is a commitment backed by the leadership and every colleague in the business.

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Colt expands IQ Network to Kyoto and Kobe

Colt Technology Services has today announced that it will further extend its presence in Japan by expanding the Colt IQ Network to Kyoto and Kobe.

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