Pedro Lopes

Team Leader, Premium Network Services, Lisbon

Ten years ago, I was challenged by two colleagues to sign up for a university course with them. My dyscalculia (numerical dyslexia) meant that I’d had to repeat the Portuguese national mathematics exam 13 times before I could finish high school. Fear of failure always stopped me from going to university but I felt I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. I was nervous but this time I agreed.

Through sheer determination and by sacrificing lots of sleep and many weekends, I completed my degree in Information systems, Web and Multimedia. There was also the added challenge, and great blessing, of my two daughters being born during this adventure. Graduating from university taught me a lot about myself. I learned that when I’m committed and set my mind to something, I can accomplish amazing things.

That’s what led me to chasing my next challenge. One of my greatest passions has always been cars and then when my children were born I became passionate about creating a better world for them. So, I taught myself about engineering and learned how to make cars more sustainable. Thanks to hours of reading manuals and watching YouTube videos, I have been able to transform a beautiful old combustion car into a sustainable electric car and would like to transform more in the future. It’s one of my biggest achievements to date and a way I know I can make a difference.

Pedro Lopes | Team Leader, Premium Network Services| Lisbon