Prashant Mehta

Senior Manager, Service Delivery, India

I was in fourth grade when I first picked up a guitar. I remember seeing a group of seniors jamming – they were so cool, they were essentially famous at school. I thought I’d have to give it a try and I haven’t looked back from there. I’m obviously biased because I love it so much but I think the guitar is the best instrument there is. It’s the only instrument that can be the beat, the rhythm and the melody – it’s complete by itself. It can be melancholic when it wants to be, or bright and exuberant. It covers the whole spectrum of emotion.

I actually used to be in a five piece band with my friends here at Colt. At first, a lot of my colleagues were a bit shocked. They thought I was too serious, too work focused to be into such an activity. But then they came to our gigs and saw me up there and they were so supportive – everyone was clapping and singing along. I still gig with some of them every now and then but I mostly just play for fun on the weekends, for fun and for my eight year old daughter. She always has a list of covers she wants me to do, so of course I play them for her.

Prashant Mehta | Senior Manager, Service Delivery | India