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– Singapore version of next-generation Ethernet service “etherXEN” newly added to Colt’s service portfolio –

Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, 18 January 2016 – Colt announced today that it has launched “etherXEN SG,” an expansion of its next-generation Ethernet Service available in Japan, over its newly constructed metropolitan network in Singapore. etherXEN is an ultra low latency and high quality Ethernet service that Colt has provided in the Greater Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas in Japan since 2013, which delivers compatibility with cloud and data centre services and at higher bandwidth requirements. Leveraging a total of 48 metropolitan area networks across Europe and Asia, including this new network in Singapore, Colt is focused on satisfying the end-to-end network connectivity requirements of multinational businesses with offices in these metropolitan areas.

With network redundancy across the entire core backbone, Colt will have end-to-end service control and operations for etherXEN SG. In addition, etherXEN SG complies with MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (“MEF CE 2.0”) guidelines to ensure that network specifications and quality match those of international standards. etherXEN SG is offered on a flexible contract model with a three-month minimum commitment and its service quality is backed by service level agreement (“SLA”) parameters such as service delivery, MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery) and packet loss.

“After much work, Colt has obtained its FBO (Facility-based Operator) license to expand its etherXEN services portfolio and provide local network services in Singapore.” said Paul Kondo, Head of Asia of Colt Technology Services Co., Ltd. “Obtaining this license is a reflection of Colt’s commitment to Asia, and Singapore in particular, and it supports our business strategy in providing deep metropolitan coverage in major business centers in Europe and Asia.”

etherXEN SG is available in the following service configurations: “guaranteed bandwidth,” “burstable bandwidth,” “shared bandwidth” and as a connectivity service to AWS Direct Connect. All service configurations provide price competitiveness and guaranteed high quality of service. For further details on Colt’s etherXEN SG service offering, please contact (Japan), (Singapore) or (Hong Kong).

About Colt
Colt provides network, voice, and data centre services to thousands of businesses around the world, allowing them to focus on delivering their business goals instead of the underlying infrastructure. Customers include 18 of the top 25 bank and diversified financial groups and 19 out of the top 25 companies in both global media and telecoms industries (Forbes 2000 list, 2014). In addition, Colt works with over 50 exchange venues and 13 European central banks.

Colt operates across Europe, Asia and North America with connections into over 200 cities globally. It recently completed the acquisition of KVH – which, now operates under the Colt brand – an integrated data centre and communications services business, with headquarters in Tokyo and operations in Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore.

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18 January 2016

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