Colts strategic partnership with SORACOM

Tokyo, 11 July 2016 – Colt announced today that their next-generation Ethernet service, etherXEN, is being offered as a new connectivity option for SORACOM, Inc.’s self-named IoT communication platform. As SORACOM’s first strategic partner in the network field, Colt will bring its technological capabilities and expertise by delivering network services to the IoT market.

Colt’s etherXEN will support direct connection between SORACOM and customer IT environments located outside AWS to create IoT system infrastructure. etherXEN’s isolated network bypasses the internet and is configured with full redundancy, making it ideal for highly sensitive data transmission such as authentication data and billing processes. Furthermore, etherXEN features low latency, guaranteed bandwidth and burstability to handle the intense volumes and continuous data sessions generated by IoT.

SORACOM’s CEO, Ken Tamagawa, issued the following statement: “We welcome this strategic partnership with Colt on our IoT platform, SORACOM. With SORACOM Direct, the dedicated connectivity service that links SORACOM to our customers’ systems in a closed network, we’re witnessing growing demand from enterprise users who need increased security. Colt’s proven connectivity solution, etherXEN, gives customers more choice in how they use SORACOM by fulfilling the need for a network that is both high in reliability and quality. Through this partnership, we see more customers taking their business IoT applications to the next level.

“We’re thrilled that this strategic partnership is based on Colt’s pursuit of network quality and features like low latency and guaranteed bandwidth. It’s an honor and validation of our track record.” said Masato Hoshino, Vice President, Head of Product Management at Colt. “Colt provides network services in 48 metro areas in 28 countries and also deploys data centre connectivity through DCNet by cross-connecting more than 560 data centres globally. By allowing these Colt’s business assets to be leveraged by SORACOM’s customers, we expect to contribute to the growth of the IoT market.”

A summary of etherXEN’s major features:

Secure and Stable Network

Colt etherXEN provides a secure and stress-free environment for IoT applications via dedicated, direct connectivity to any public cloud, private cloud, or data centre. By bypassing the internet, it delivers stability with minimal exposure to service quality fluctuation.

Low Latency and Highly Reliable Network

Colt’s ultra low latency network is designed to support mission-critical applications like those of financial service providers, bringing low latency to SORACOM. Its highly reliable architecture and end-to-end redundancy ensures guaranteed bandwidth with a 99.99% availability SLA and high-speed switching within 50ms in the event of disruption.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

With pre-installed circuit terminal equipment, service delivery can be completed in as quickly as 10 business days. Bandwidth can be easily upgraded without physical interface changes at the customer’s site, since access link capacity of 1Gbps is already provided. It is also possible for customers to acquire service with lower bandwidth and later upgrade to 1Gbps within 10 business days.

Colt etherXEN comes with a variety of options to match customer-specific business needs, including guaranteed bandwidth choices of 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 300Mbps, 400Mbps, 500Mbps and 1Gbps, as well as burst-type services with guaranteed bandwidth of 1Gbps, 3Gbps, and 5Gbps, with burstability up to 10Gbps. Service Level Agreements are provided for service availability, fault handling, bandwidth and service delivery. etherXEN pricing flexes according to service options and service area. Please contact [email protected] for further details.

Colt provides network, voice, and data centre services to thousands of businesses around the world, allowing them to focus on delivering their business goals instead of the underlying infrastructure. Customers include 18 of the top 25 bank and diversified financial groups and 19 out of the top 25 companies in both global media and telecoms industries (Forbes 2000 list, 2014). In addition, Colt works with over 50 exchange venues and 13 European central banks.

Colt operates across Europe, Asia and North America with connections into over 200 cities globally. It completed the acquisition of KVH in 2014 – which now operates under the Colt brand – an integrated data centre and communications services business, with headquarters in Tokyo and operations in Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore.

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