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7 key things you need to know about On Demand and SDN

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7 key things you need to know about On Demand and SDN

By Rachel Ma / May 3, 2019

Business IP traffic is growing at a CAGR of 23%, with Cisco predicting it will total over 63 Exabytes (EB) permonth by 2022 as more applications move to the cloud and new online services compete for attention.

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By Colt Technology Services / January 23, 2019

A smooth transition to digital content for one of the world’s largest public film festivals Berlinale

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On Demand Network Solutions

By Colt Technology Services / November 13, 2018

 Real time, software defined Ethernet connectivity powered by the On Demand Colt IQ Network. Take full control of your network via a portal, bypassing legacy service delivery processes and…

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Colt launches On Demand SDN services in Japan

By Colt Technology Services / October 19, 2017

Tokyo and Nagoya, 19 Oct 2017 – Colt Technology Services today announced the launch of its SDN-based On Demand Services in Japan. The introduction of …

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Colt Ethernet On Demand for enterprise buildings

By Colt Technology Services / February 2, 2017

Enabling the digital transformation of businesses, Ethernet on Demand supports real-time ordering, provisioning and flexing of high bandwidth connectivity

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On demand: The changing face of business

By Colt Technology Services / September 15, 2016

Once a customer has brought their service onto the network, they can enjoy sophisticated self-provisioning of on demand cloud services.

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