Raymond Meju

Resilience Associate, United Kingdom

I remember in my interview for Colt I was asked who the most influential person in my life is and I said my brother. It must have sounded so cheesy. He’s three years older than me and since the day I was born, I’ve been chasing him. If he got a certain grade in school, if he played a certain sport, there was always  something to beat. At one point people thought we were twins. In Nigeria, if it’s your birthday, you don’t have to wear your uniform for the day and you bring in cake for everyone. One year on my brother’s birthday, I kicked up such a fuss about the fact that he got to do those things that my mum made it my ‘birthday’ as well and I got to go into school in home clothes with cake in hand. I had a great time, I’m not sure he did.

My brother has definitely been a good influence on me. If you don’t have a focal point or a target, it’s difficult to get motivated or find direction, but I’ve always had him. He decided to study engineering at university in order to get into the oil and gas industry so I studied chemistry in order to get into the same industry. We don’t compete with each other anymore though, we rather bounce off each other. He’s still in oil and gas, but I work in telecoms now – we’ve made our own tracks.

Raymond Meju | Resilience Associate | United Kingdom