Rita D’Auria

Marketing Lead Advisor EU & US - Colt Capital Markets, Milan

I live in Milan and joined Colt in 2016 as a Marketing Specialist. I now oversee the Capital Markets Marketing activities for EMEA and US in the BPM team, and I’m the CSR Lead for Italy.

Our mental wellbeing is fundamental, now more than ever. The Covid-19 virus has forcefully put us in a situation that seems so unreal, and suddenly we’ve had to change all of our plans for the future. This is a massive weight on people and coping with all that can be so hard.

Italy, in particular, has been one of the most affected countries in the world. So with the Italian Country Manager, Mimmo Zappi, and the CSR team, we decided to start fundraising for the hospitals of Bergamo East. It’s a way of giving back to the community. To fundraise, we set up a page and promoted in-country and globally, and on social media. So far we’ve raised €8,935 which’ll go to help the medical professionals and patients. The money has been used to buy masks, oxygen and all the medical equipment that was lacking during the hardest part of the emergency in the Bergamo area. The fundraiser is still open, there’s still time to donate: https://buonacausa.org/cause/coltcovid19.

Voluntary work puts you in contact with realities that in some cases are really distant from your own. In my opinion, a single act of kindness puts you at peace with the entire world – and helps improve your mental wellbeing as well. If you act with kindness, with a smile on your face, you contribute to making things better for the people around you but also for yourself. This is exactly what I would like to teach my little girl who will brighten my life starting from October (but is already making me lose my well-deserved sleep!).

Rita D’Auria | Marketing Lead Advisor EU & US – Colt Capital Markets | Milan