Roxana Boncea

Company Secretarial Assistant, Romania

I studied journalism at university but what I’m truly fascinated by is psychology. I’ve always been interested in understanding myself better, getting a grasp on my own mind and that of others. I am interested to know why some people react to situations in a certain way, and others react in another. As a teenager, I did all the different personality tests, which led me to buy books on psychology and read everything I could find on the subject. Everything I read now is around that area – psychology, neuroscience, the human mind, the way we’re built. I’m interested in what makes us humans.

Perhaps my interest in psychology helps me to make sure that I consider different people’s perspectives no matter the situation. We have a very collaborative culture here at Colt, so I’m always working with others and figuring out how we can work together effectively to produce the best results. In return, Colt has been supportive of my personal and professional development since the beginning. I started six years ago as the PA to the VP of Global Country Management, continued to grow by wearing a few different hats and now I’m moving into a corporate legal role as Company Secretarial Assistant – Colt is also supporting my Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators qualification. From day one here, I’ve found nothing but openness, flexibility and support for any opportunity that I’ve been interested in.

Roxana Boncea | Company Secretarial Assistant | Romania