Silvia Perez

Senior Sales Manager, Paris

When I was 17, my family moved from France back to Spain. Originally I went with them but finally decided it was better for me to go back to France alone to complete high school and my bachelors degree. So I negotiated with my parents until they let me. At 17, you still need support in your confidence and decision making, but I had to learn to do that by myself, to become a strong and tenacious person.

I learnt to be unafraid of mistakes, that you might not make the right choice, but see these difficult scenarios as a learning process and a way in which you can grow and become better and stronger. I also learnt to stay resilient and never give up because having the knowledge that you can handle any situation, good or bad, is powerful in itself. I will always find a way and move on. That’s definitely how I’ve got to where I am in my career today.

Silvia Perez | Senior Sales Manager | Paris