Sonia Boukari

Senior Sales Account Executive, Barcelona

I know Kung Fu and I like the fact that i could protect myself if I needed to. My uncle used to do Kung Fu so I started when I was four years old – I started watching Bruce Lee movies with him and then I was obsessed. For years I went in secret, then at some point we needed to pay the school so I had to tell my parents. You don’t get belts in Wushu Kung Fu, which is what I was training in, but I ended up doing it for 14 years. A friend of mine at Colt has never tried Kung Fu and he wants to give it a go, so we’ve found a place near the office and we’re going to go.

I like doing things that are a little bit different. I like picking up a map, pointing it to somewhere, and just going. Once a month I try to go to a new country or new city, just for the weekend. I’ve got plans to go to Marrakech and Istanbul next. I think you need to do something different to recharge your batteries, whether that’s a new activity or trying a new food.

Sonia Boukari | Senior Sales Account Executive | Barcelona