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How the Stuttgart Stock Exchange optimises the flow of information for its customers with Colt PrizmNet

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As Germany's leading private investor exchange, Börse Stuttgart offers private investors the opportunity to trade shares, securitised derivatives, bonds, exchange-traded products, funds and participation certificates - with the highest execution quality and at the best prices. The Stuttgart Stock Exchange provides data and market information via its distribution platform, which has been connected to Colt PrizmNet since 2018.

The financial extranet Colt PrizmNet is a dedicated network for the financial industry and provides access to over 160 exchanges, trading venues and service providers as well as more than 10,000 companies worldwide. The service is delivered over Colt’s high performance fibre network. This enables extremely low-latency connections on the critical network links to the most important global financial locations. Essential in a business where every fraction of a second counts.

To further improve data provision, the exchange is migrating its services to the new SID platform. This offers a multitude of new functionalities such as the flexible and individual design of the data feed, the provision of a test environment and the distribution of further third-party data such as key figure packages. The integration into PrizmNet is possible without any problems. Via the intuitive self-service portal PrizmNet Online, Börse Stuttgart can independently manage new exchange connections or book new services as well as control its PrizmNet network.

“With the connection to Colt PrizmNet and the access to the market data of all major trading venues around the globe in real time, we are always able to offer our customers the optimal information basis for a successful investment strategy. Thanks to the flexibility of PrizmNet, the connection of our new customer platform also went smoothly”, Sabine Traub from the Stuttgart stock exchange.

The Stuttgart stock exchange has been relying on Colt’s services since 2002. In addition to the connection to PrizmNet, Colt also provides the Stuttgart stock exchange with its voice and Internet services.

“With Colt, we have a very reliable and competent partner at our side. Together we have advanced our technological development over the past decades in order to offer our customers the best possible service in an increasingly accelerated financial world,” adds Sabine Traub.

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