Supriya Manchanda

Lead Business Developer, Spain

One of my real passions in life is yoga. I follow yogis on social media for inspiration and motivation and I have now incorporated essential morning and evening routines into my daily life, which has been a game-changer. My evening routine now consists of a two-hours intense yoga session and jogging. And my mornings now begin with deep healing chants of “OM” and essential stretches, followed by meditation and fresh air. I like to balance indoor and outdoor workouts for a well-rounded fitness routine.

This routine has had a positive impact on my diet and sleep schedule, resulting in increased focus and creativity in both my personal and professional life. Yoga and other exercises have helped me to remain active during work hours which promotes better physical health. This is something I was missing as an ex-avid yoga practitioner and an athlete back at school.

The above wouldn’t be possible without the introduction of Colt’s Flexible First scheme which has provided me with an incredible opportunity to focus on long overdue improvements to my health. I’m really grateful for this programme as it’s provided me with an invaluable opportunity to enhance my work-life balance.