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Tencent Cloud chose Colt Wave for a secure and reliable network

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Tencent Cloud chose Colt Wave for a secure and reliable network to align with their global expansion strategy.

Tencent Cloud is China’s leading public cloud service provider (CSP). Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public CSP that integrates Tencent’s infrastructure building capabilities with the advantages of its massive user platform and ecosystem. They provide a considerable number of cloud services, such as cloud computing, data processing and cloud operation services to empower your business. After Tencent Cloud’s growth in China, their business has been growing rapidly and expanded globally to Japan, Asia Pacific, America and Europe. As a cloud service provider, they need to make sure their network connectivity for their cloud services is secure and reliable as this is core to their business. Hence, they were looking for a global network service provider who is reliable and can provide scalable connectivity with multi-paths and a stable and secure network to meet their strategy.

Why Colt

Tencent Cloud chose Colt as its capabilities match their global strategy and requirements. They especially needed a secure yet diverse network that enables them to extend for global business expansion. Colt’s extensive global network provides Tencent Cloud with multiple diversity and protection options, enabling and ensuring the reliability and security of their IT infrastructure. Tencent Cloud was impressed by Colt’s connected metro area network, which connects more than 212 cities and 32 countries in Europe, Asia and North America to deliver seamless optical connectivity. Tencent Cloud, as a result, chose Colt Wave in Japan as they are impressed by Colt’s strong local presence. In Japan, Colt connects to 70+ data centres and 2,000+ commercial buildings with its own fibre that provide diverse routes for redundancy.

“Colt has a well-developed infrastructure with great coverage. We are delighted with their services and will definitely recommend Colt to others,” said Mr. Zhao.

Connectivity overview

Colt Wave service offers inter-data centre proposition that provides aggressive lead times for services up to 100Gbps. This enables you to leverage market opportunities and meet the challenge of the rising bandwidth demand driven by the Internet, richer application environments and cloud computing.

Future plans

Tencent Cloud has provided cloud services in Japan since 2019 and will continue expanding their business globally. In the future, they are planning to expand their coverage to more cities and aim to triple sales from the current level. Furthermore, Mr. Zhao said Tencent is likely to work with a Japanese carmaker later in 2020 to offer support to Japanese firms who are using cloud computing to tap into the Chinese market.


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To deliver a diverse, stable, and secure network, with a well-developed global infrastructure and good coverage in Japan


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