The future of the European job market

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This Forrester report highlights the main drivers of this more dynamic European job market until 2030 to help policymakers and technology and business leaders shape and develop their talent and workforce strategies.

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  • How COVID-19 recession will accelerate the transformation of Europe’s job market
    Digital technologies have been disrupting labor markets in Europe for years. But the fallout from COVID-19 will further accelerate this transformation and alter the skills that are both required and available.
  • Europe is not one homogenous job market but many heterogeneous ones
    Across Europe, there are and will remain significant differences among countries in productivity levels, availability of relevant skills, and opportunities for growth.
  • The European labor market will become more dynamic but retain some social protections
    Government involvement in the post-COVID-19 economy will ensure that strong social measures support the European job market as it navigates toward more diverse forms of work.

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