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Recently, Colt attended the Microsoft Future Decoded event in London. Tim Cook, Director – Sales Specialist Voice reflects on the event and the role of Unified Communications in today’s workplace.

The way we work has changed.

This change has not come overnight, but slowly as technology has evolved along with the working environment and people’s relationship with it. We all know that we are always-on and can work wherever there is connectivity, however there have been other changes which may not be as obvious.

Last week, I joined 12,000 CEOs, business directors and decision makers involved in organisations’ digital transformation strategy at the Microsoft Future Decoded event in London. There were over 207 different sessions, covering two days, taking a deep-dive into this evolving workplace, the role of AI and the need for cloud connectivity as the future of work is defined.

One of the key takeaways for me was that compared with five years ago, double the number of people now work in teams. Today, 80% of employee time at work is spent collaborating, 45% of us use social tools such as WhatsApp and Facebook, and each user has as many as four different devices. On top of this, it’s predicted that 72% of workers will be working remotely by 2020.

But the above leads to a pressing question, what does this all mean for enterprises and their communications solutions? They need to be dynamic, easy to use and able to support individuals working from anywhere.

This is where Colt’s Gold Partnership with Microsoft can play a critical role. Colt’s communications solution – Colt Intelligent Communications – brings together the power of Microsoft’s cloud productivity applications with Colt’s own voice and data products, to offer organisations a solution that can evolve with the changing office landscape.

As the two-day Microsoft Future Decoded event demonstrated, the workplace is an exciting arena for change and connectivity is at the heart of this transformation. That’s why our partnership with Microsoft is so exciting. Microsoft applications accessed via the Colt IQ Network are improving how enterprises work – helping them to be more inclusive, dynamic and flexible.

Connectivity is vital for driving on-going digital transformations and we’re ready to keep enterprises collaborating, connecting and doing amazing things on the Colt IQ Network.

Tim Cook, Director – Sales Specialist Voice

Detail of fiber optic blue and green

Tim Cook

16 October 2019

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