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Software will further disrupt business in 2017

02 Jan 2017

2016 was a year of great change for Colt, and I anticipate more disruption for businesses of all kinds in 2017 as the capabilities of cloud, software and the underlying network become further realised. Here are some things to look…

MiFID II: Electronification of Trading

28 Dec 2016

The electronification of trading in asset classes outside of equities is not a trend brought about only by MiFID II. It’s been slowly and inexorably creeping towards becoming a reality for a number of years and MiFID II …

The case for a wider shared SDN ecosystem

12 Dec 2016

Current network-to-network interfaces (NNIs) tend to be bespoke solutions, meaning they are both expensive and take a long time to implement. What we need is an industry-wide drive towards mutually ‘agreed’ APIs…

Carl Grivner, Colt CEO, interviewed in Weekly BCN

09 Dec 2016

Born in Pennsylvania, USA in 1953, Carl Grivner served in the United States Marine Corps before starting his career at IBM.

Omega ATS: your gateway to Canada

08 Dec 2016

Omega ATS began operations in December 2007 as the second Canadian ATS providing traders with an alternative venue for executions. It facilitates trading on all major Canadian listed exchanges…

Moving with the times

05 Dec 2016

2016 has been a year of great change for Colt. I took up the reins almost 12 months ago, and along with a new management team we have successfully implemented a strategic and cultural shift, refocusing on a high-bandwidth strategy delivered with a best in class customer experience…

Building a British backbone network

28 Nov 2016

A gigabit future is inevitable. We need the digital infrastructure to support this; providing ubiquitous coverage, so no one is left out, and with sufficient capacity to ensure data can flow at the volume, speed and reliability required to meet modern life demands…

Colt participates in MiFID II industry panel

25 Nov 2016

Preparing for MiFID II? Join us at the FISD General Meeting in New York. Colt’s Julie Hutchinson will be participating in a panel entitled ‘MiFID II Implementation: In America and Across the Globe’ taking place on 15-Dec. Part of the…

Timestamping – are we nearly there yet?

15 Nov 2016

January 2018 is the first in a series of deadlines for upcoming regulations that are aimed at making the capital markets a safer, more transparent place. Timestamping, while not the most difficult part of MiFID II to comply with, is…

Colt and AT&T: Making stuff happen

15 Nov 2016

“We’re not just talking about this stuff we’re actually making it happen” – Josh Goodell, VP Network on Demand at AT&T, has spoken about how federated SDN services will be critical to operators, as enterprise customers increasingly expect services to be rolled out globally…

Number management: Are you experienced?

02 Nov 2016

Experience is a pre-requisite for SIP Trunking with number management. It’s critical to partner with someone who knows local regulation and local processes by heart…

IoT lessons learned from smart city trailblazers

02 Nov 2016

Milton Keynes set out to become a British trailblazer, using an elaborate internet of things (IoT) network to alleviate some of the potential growth problems while making life easier for its residents…

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