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Colt delivers a secure cloud message at AWS Summit

13 Jul 2016

We totally agreed with the organisers of AWS Summit when they said “More and more we are realising that the current shift in the technology space is unlike any other in our lifetime, and it’s happening at a startling pace:…

AWS & cloud connectivity: It’s still Day 1

29 Jun 2016

Recently at an Amazon shareholders meeting, Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO reiterated his famous line about it being “Day One” for the company, but this time with a new twist. “I believe that the alarm clock hasn’t even gone off yet,”…

Algo Testing – are we seeing the whole picture?

27 Jun 2016

In the post-crash world we’ve been living in for the last few years, market manipulation has become even more of a focus than it was pre-crash. Regulators, pressurised by governments and popular opinion, first cracked down on the perceived practitioners…

Are we addicted to tech?

23 Jun 2016

This year the topic of ‘tech addiction’ has been a cause of much debate. With smartphones and tablets glued to our hands wherever we go, the industry is asking: are we really able to switch off outside of working hours?…

Can a single UC provider across Europe be a reality?

16 Jun 2016

Building a Unified Communications solution for a company across Europe is the perfect example of teamwork. It often requires the cooperation of multiple network providers to ensure seamless operation across all sites, and in all countries where a company’s employees…

Number Porting process for resellers in Germany

14 Jun 2016

Colt has a long history and strong expertise supplying full regulatory compliance in all countries where we operate. Regulatory rules are different in all countries and we support local laws, industry standards and regulations of all relevant aspects, such as…

Upcoming Wholesale and Reseller Event

14 Jun 2016

The customer is in the centre of everything we do at Colt. Therefore we like to spend as much time as possible with our customers. Our Wholesale/Reseller events are a great opportunity to talk with our customers, learn about their…

Voice quality is more than just sound quality

09 Jun 2016

What does voice network quality mean to you? Is it reliability, the sound quality of the line, its resilience, its cost or its regulatory compliance? Actually a good network should offer all of these benefits to your company. Good sound…

TDM-to-VoIP migration – the 3 vital steps

08 Jun 2016

In a recent report, the analyst house Gartner recommended strongly that enterprise networking leaders combine their WAN and fixed-voice trunk sourcing and plan to migrate to SIP trunks. Many customers we have spoken to are on-board with the imperative and…

Critical use cases for Data Centre connectivity: Disaster Recovery

07 Jun 2016

Calculating the effect of downtime and data loss is not a simple exercise. Some effects are more easily quantifiable than others. Here are a few that stand out: revenue loss; compliance and reporting penalties; service level penalties; brand impact and…

And the winner is…Colt

03 Jun 2016

In a world that sometimes seems overpopulated with award ceremonies, one can be forgiven for wondering if there is a new market opportunity – a competition between Awards programs for the Best Award for Best Awards? All great fun, but…

Managing your incoming calls for business success

02 Jun 2016

The way a company manages incoming calls from its customers can be critical in building trust, loyalty and ultimately repeat business. Customers not only expect to have their call answered quickly, they want to be put through to someone with…

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