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Your core network tests professional posture

06 May 2016

London Marathon tests personal fitness. Your core network tests professional posture. Back pains reveal any weaknesses. When the pressure is on to perform, when there is nowhere to hide, breakdowns are bad news. You knew it would be a long…

Celebrating expanding digital economy in Berlin

05 May 2016

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) has delivered a welcomed expansion to our Berlin facility, amid soaring economic growth in the Silicon Valley of Europe. Berlin has witnessed a huge surge in demand for colocation solutions from a combination of industries…

Covata: own your data

04 May 2016

Covata’s core expertise is in securing large volumes of highly sensitive data across various commercial enterprises. Covata’s data security solution Safe Share stores and enables easy and secure exchange of data within the enterprise or with external parties. Safe Share…

Meet Colt at ITW 2016 in Chicago

03 May 2016

Colt is proud to be a prime sponsor again this year at International Telecoms Week (ITW 2016) 8th -11th May in Chicago. ITW is the world’s largest meeting for the global wholesale telecommunications community and once again Colt will be…

Customer conversations at UC Expo

29 Apr 2016

I got the chance to meet some of you at UC Expo , the most important UC event in Europe, and I was happy to answer some of your questions about Colt Cloud UC , our cloud based UC as…

Network ecosystems – no one can do it alone

26 Apr 2016

We are all beginning to understand how business propositions are changing to match the changing contexts of customers. For example, once Philips thought its business was to make and sell light bulbs. Now they have a contract to supply Schiphol…

Nearshoring or offshoring – global VoIP matters

25 Apr 2016

Post financial crisis, there is a resurgence of interest in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) by Western European businesses. With nearshoring you are offshoring close to home. Interest in CEE is stimulated not only by cost advantages relative to Western…

SDN: How far is too far for self-service?

21 Apr 2016

Ever since the NIST definition of cloud computing was first drafted and right up to it reaching it’s 16th and Final version, the first essential characteristic has always been On-demand self-service. (A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities as needed…

OTC Derivatives under MiFID II

19 Apr 2016

One of the major – and possibly one of the most transformative – parts of the MiFID II regulation is the introduction of controls around the OTC market, and specifically how certain asset classes should be traded. Organised Trading Facilities…

DCNet On Demand Datasheet

19 Apr 2016

DCNet On Demand from Colt makes it fast and easy to interconnect data centres that host your ICT services – even if they are in different cities or countries.  

VoIP: Letting go of voice legacy

14 Apr 2016

Much of modern digital business design is devoted to disposing of physical constraints.  ‘Letting go’ and ‘Managed Exit’ may attempt to soften personal disruptions but other disposals reflect a shift towards delivering better outcomes rather than managing tangible assets. These…

Visit us at the UC Expo

12 Apr 2016

Every day, businesses face common challenges, such as the need for simplicity, scalability, flexibility and security. Another common challenge is business transformation. I have noticed from speaking with customers that although many recognise that their legacy communication systems no longer…

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