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Opinion: ‘Why the workplace could be better for learning than university

18 Sep 2015

This opinion piece by Hugo Eales, CFO at Colt, was originally posted on TES Hugo Eales, chief financial officer at Colt Technology Services, argues for greater access to learning in the workplace instead of the classroom The number of young…

Press release: TraderServe joins Colt…

18 Sep 2015

Press release: TraderServe joins Colt PrizmNet

Giving back to the community

18 Sep 2015

“Everyone has a responsibility to give something back to the community” Matt Bray, Managing Director for Paragon, part of Interserve, the international support services and construction group, describes Paragon’s strong CSR ethos and the company’s support for the Colt bike…

What lies beneath

03 Sep 2015

The rise of the super-connected SME   Business connectivity is essential for all sectors of the UK economy. Roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are churned every day. A plethora of emerging technologies, including mobility, cloud and analytic solutions, are…

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

02 Sep 2015

Opening the world of work to students. The lack of young talent in our industry is not a well-kept secret, as highlighted by numerous media outlets including The Telegraph in fact it is something many talk about but very few…

The electronification of trading

18 Aug 2015

There can be no doubt that trading, across all asset classes, is moving inexorably towards complete electronification. It’s a matter of when, rather than if. Equities and FX have already passed tipping point and next on the list is the…

Thank you from Coram….

17 Aug 2015

To all those taking to the saddle for the annual Colt CSR bike ride. Last year the ride from Amsterdam to Frankfurt raised an amazing £36,000 to help Coram provide its vital services to the vulnerable children and young people…

BLOG: Has the digital…

07 Aug 2015

BLOG: Has the digital era improved the overall quality of management? #HBR #CIO

The Activity Illusion

04 Aug 2015

Today we enjoy seemingly unlimited communications opportunities. And yet there are doubts emerging about whether the wealth of communications at our fingertips has been achieved at the cost of some of our more human skills – such as people management.

Circular sustainability and the CIO

20 Jul 2015

CIOs should be aware of the shift towards the Circular Economy – even if that awareness is probably logged under the ‘Something To Do With The Environment’ label. In trying to understand the Linear versus Circular debate, a starting point…

Beware of geeks bearing gifts

15 Jul 2015

CIOs learn to manage expectations but must live in a world where ‘advanced wishful thinking’ is endemic and potentially dangerous. The consultancy Gartner has long tracked the ascendency of ideas through that cycle of anticipation and the roller coaster of…

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