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“T2S for beginners” – delivering innovation and efficiency for post-trade services in Europe

22 Jun 2015

The European Central Bank today launches the new cross-border TARGET2 Securities platform, better known as T2S. Hugh Cumberland, Solution Manager at Colt, explains the significance of T2S and how Colt is playing a crucial role in its roll-out across Europe.

European Supercore – innovation and investment to power the digital economy

12 Jun 2015

We recently unveiled the European Supercore, a high-capacity long distance network that is designed to address enterprises’ rapidly growing data demands in the key business hubs of Europe. Businesses in information-intensive industries, such as capital markets and media, are under…

BYOD: Bring Your Own Distraction?

10 Jun 2015

There is surely some general rule that states that the greatest grief gets management attention out of all proportion to the value of the GriefMakers.  The converse of this rule is that hard cases make good law. For CIOs, it…

Is your backup strategy keeping in step with your data growth?

01 Jun 2015

Many Organisations still rely on the traditional tape solution for backup.  Why not?  Tape is a cheap, tried and trusted technology providing high capacity, fast performance, portable and scalable benefits.  You can back up your data and move it off-site…

Why is the cloud perceived to be insecure?

01 Jun 2015

Security is one of the most commonly-cited reasons why Enterprise and Public Sector customers are reluctant to embrace cloud computing, notwithstanding the many benefits it offers in other respects. On the surface of it, it would almost seem that the…

The Physical Interferes

01 Jun 2015

Desktop virtualisation may not at first glance seem to have much in common with musical theatre, but lyricist Time Rice memorably captured that reality-facing moment when, tragically, Evita sings, ‘Oh, what I’d give for a hundred years / But the…

Time lapse… WOW! What happened?

28 May 2015

Change rarely happens in a flash. Changes build incrementally and often so slowly that we don’t immediately notice.   Then we wake up to the new realities. Sometimes the surprise is not entirely down to our failing perceptions of small changes.

The hidden cost of market connectivity

22 May 2015

The capital markets have had a tough time over the last few years. From Lehman’s collapse in 2008, through to the recent FX rate fixing charges it seems that one catastrophe after another has befallen the sector in recent years.

As a rule…the rules are changing

18 May 2015

Much of what we learned in our early careers has now been archived. The basic principles are there, somewhere, locked away in deep memory but the context of our daily practice has changed to such an extent that new entrants…

Franchisee programme proves a ‘win-win’ for Northdoor and Colt

12 May 2015

We speak to Philip Caulfield, Head of Sales of Integrated Solutions at Northdoor, one of Colt’s franchisee partners, about the benefits of being part of the franchisee programme and the trends that are shaping the demands of Northdoor’s customers at…

How IT benefits from cloud storage?

08 May 2015

Unstructured data now accounts for about 90% of enterprise information for many organizations (Source: IDC) and continues to grow exponentially. These organizations estimate that over 50% of their data is inactive and is generally stored on Tier 1 primary storage.

Propelling US carriers’ expansion into Europe and Asia

08 May 2015

We are heading off to International Telecoms Week in Chicago to meet existing and prospective customers. Following our acquisition of KVH late last year, we look forward to showcasing our extended capabilities across Europe and Asia to the US carrier…

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