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How to crack the code of digital transformation

05 Jun 2018

To crack the code of digital transformation, businesses can’t transform for the sake of it, rather they need to understand the purpose of the process.

Next Generation Service Provider – How WAN-as-a-Service can power the next wave of innovation

04 Jun 2018

In today’s digital economy, Communications Service Providers (CSP’s) are faced with many challenges. This is leading to many CSP’s looking for a self-sustainable business model which multiplies and grows on its own, with less operational overhead. …

The impact of GDPR: Privacy and protection by design and default

09 May 2018

The initial impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is only weeks away, with many companies still facing a significant amount of work to be in full compliance. …

How partnerships are driving the wholesale marketplace forward

03 May 2018

As the wholesale marketplace continues to evolve and businesses look further towards collaboration in order to drive our sector forward, International Telecoms Week (ITW) has become an increasingly important event. …

The race to zero: Why latency matters in a MiFID II world

26 Apr 2018

The trading game continues to evolve and technology is one of the key enablers behind the scenes. Computers have long replaced shouting traders in the halls…

Digital transformation is more than raw bandwidth 

26 Apr 2018

There’s no shortage of statistics acknowledging the scale of the challenge posed by global consumption of data, and they are all pretty daunting.

Colt and Ciena – raising the bar throughout the industry

23 Apr 2018

Colt and Ciena have come together to raise industry standards by forming a partnership, which services the high bandwidth demands of the future. …

Raising your voice: A whole world of commercial opportunity

12 Apr 2018

The trend of American companies going global is ramping up rapidly. A recent survey by Wells Fargo, noted that the majority of US-based companies believe that…

Russia set to play a crucial role in meeting high bandwidth demands

10 Apr 2018

Russia is primed to become a key connectivity route as the demand for global bandwidth continues to soar.

Colt shares gender pay gap report for 2018

05 Apr 2018

Colt Technology Services has today shared its gender pay gap report for 2018, in line with UK government regulation…

Announcing our 2018 UK Charity Partner: Richard House Children’s Hospice

27 Mar 2018

In the UK, it is estimated that there are more than 40,000 children who are living with a life limiting illness…

Dentaid logo: Colt supports Dentaid's digital transformation with business internet and vpn services


23 Mar 2018

Colt is supporting Dentaid’s digital transformation and internationalisation process through its communications services…

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