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Failing to plan? Or planning to fail?

06 Nov 2013

Incredibly, 75% of companies have no plans in place to carry out disaster recovery. Our research into the SME market shows that while organisations are transferring data storage, enterprise applications and infrastructure to the cloud, more than three in four…

Colt cloud e starup

“IT meet management. Management meet IT”

03 Nov 2013

‘Never the twain shall meet,’ as the saying goes. But are the aims of IT and Management really so different? IT wants technology investment while Management wants lower costs. These twin challenges are easily overcome with cloud computing. Switching applications…

Building the business case for cloud computing

01 Nov 2013

In one of our previous posts we addressed some of the perceived concerns about cloud computing. Talking to our customers it is clear that these concerns often come not from IT but from other areas of the business. To help…

The parallel universe of today’s CIO and CMO

01 Nov 2013

My March 2013 blog post entitled Is there still room for the CIO and CMO at the top table ended with me wondering how the roles would evolve in 2013.

Liberating your IT department

22 Oct 2013

Technology is the great enabler. Or rather it should be. All too often managing technology can become an all-consuming task, leaving the IT department with little time to engage with key stakeholders and departments across the business. Even companies with…

The enterprise desktop is dead – get over it

21 Oct 2013

I recently attended a TechTarget event in London on “Modern End-User Computing”, hosted by Brian Madden – an expert on desktop virtualisation. The event was focused on mobility, consumerisation and desktop virtualisation, and how enterprise IT is evolving.

A post-VMworld view: why the integrity of business critical services really matters

21 Oct 2013

On returning from the VMworld event, I must say that I feel very proud of Colt’s rapid progress in this market segment. We were able to exploit all of the hard work of the previous few quarters to present an…

Confused by colocation?

15 Oct 2013

As SMEs are increasingly encouraged to move their servers offsite, one of the most used, yet misunderstood terms, is colocation. Colocation is in fact a really easy way for SMEs to receive the full benefits of a data centre without…

Are there new revenue opportunities for VARs at VMworld?

14 Oct 2013

The slogan for this year’s VMworld in Barcelona certainly made me sit up and take notice: “Defy Convention”. It is a bold call-to-action and one that immediately begs the question, “What is the ‘convention’ to which they are referring?” Taking…

Who cares how much water a data centre uses, I’ve got a low PUE

09 Oct 2013

PUE has become the de facto standard for measuring energy efficiency and by extension environmental impact of modern data centres. But it’s not flawless or entirely complete. PUE is just one small measure of the environmental impact of data centres.

Customer loyalty that scales

08 Oct 2013

When focussing on growth, flexibility and scalability are valuable attributes to have. In order to remain competitive, businesses must be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and implement product or service enhancements at ever greater speeds.

Your Colt bill: get the lowdown

03 Oct 2013

Are you looking for a clear and comprehensive view of your service billing from Colt? The services and solutions you receive are important to us as well as to you, so we want to make sure you fully understand your…

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