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Colt Internet of Things

Find your files faster!

17 Sep 2013

The amount of data held by businesses keeps growing and growing. With companies having stored years’ worth of computer-based data, SMEs are looking at more dynamic ways to store information. The Cloud is the place to start, taking away the…

Improving the lives of vulnerable children – Paris to Amsterdam Charity Bike Ride

17 Sep 2013

The 2013 edition of the Paris Amsterdam Charity Bike ride starts on 20 September and 35 riders from across Colt countries will be taking part in this challenge. The riders have committed to raise funds for Colt’s nominated charity, Kids…

Security concerns about moving to cloud services? Look at your SLAs

12 Sep 2013

According to analysts Gartner, many SMEs are still put off Cloud because of security concerns. It is true that businesses want to reduce risk where possible and many such risks are dealt with. So what do companies like ours do…

Algo ahead & make some predictions about FTTs in 2014

10 Sep 2013

A recent article caught my attention on the topic of FX markets regulation, lately a hot-button issue here in Europe.

Colt cloud

Collaboration tools – 5 questions you should ask

09 Sep 2013

Teamwork is a vital part of any business. Making sure all employees can quickly and easily work together on projects is crucial for keeping your business moving. Given that there is now a growing focus on remote working and mobile…

Barclays Select Series 2013 – European Media & Telecom Forum

03 Sep 2013

On 3 September 2013 Adriaan Oosthoek, EVP Data Centre Services, and Morten Singleton, VP Investor Relations, attended Barclay’s Select Series 2013 – European Media & Telecom Forum in London for a series of meetings with Investors. Participants were issued with…

3 ways compliance is costing your business

02 Sep 2013

In July 2013, the Department of Business Innovation and Skills in the UK launched the Security Breaches Survey which revealed that 87% of SMEs had a data breach in the last year. These results are a clear message that smaller…

Tweet causes Apple stock price rise

20 Aug 2013

Trading based on social media sentiment has become a trending topic itself – with recent news stories showing both the negative and the positive impact social media can have on a company’s share price.

Is your server management a nightmare?

19 Aug 2013

The increased complexity of IT solutions over the last twenty years has seen server management become a headache many businesses could do without. Trying to manage a large box filled with applications and data, that is supposed to make your…

Cloud forecast: how to prevent a storm

19 Aug 2013

The cloud offers the promise of flexibility and simplicity. But for companies considering a move to the cloud, evaluating and comparing options can be ‘cloudy’ and time consuming as there is no industry framework for comparing services and measuring quality.

The Power Usage Challenge: Improving Data Centre Efficiency

15 Aug 2013

Energy usage in data centres represents a substantial business expense across the industry, accounting for 30–50% of data centre operating costs. With electricity consumption across Europe’s data centres projected to grow by over 70% by 2020, there is a pressing…

VDI enables smarter desktops for SMEs

14 Aug 2013

According to recent research, small businesses who “fail to embrace the latest technology” could collectively lose out on billions in missed sales opportunities, and development prospects. With the popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) growing amongst employees and those…

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