VoIP: Letting go of voice legacy

14 Apr 2016

Much of modern digital business design is devoted to disposing of physical constraints.  ‘Letting go’ and ‘Managed Exit’ may attempt to soften personal disruptions but other disposals reflect a shift towards delivering better outcomes rather than managing tangible assets. These…

Visit us at the UC Expo

12 Apr 2016

Every day, businesses face common challenges, such as the need for simplicity, scalability, flexibility and security. Another common challenge is business transformation. I have noticed from speaking with customers that although many recognise that their legacy communication systems no longer…

Why outsource your telephony assets?

11 Apr 2016

The outsourcing of professional communications has become a growth area for many service suppliers, due in part to economic conditions and the parallel evolution of unified communications solutions. The convergence of telephony, mobile, Big Data, and the Cloud is setting…

MiFID II Market Surveillance

22 Mar 2016

Traders have lived with market surveillance for some time now. In fact many current equity traders probably don’t know of a time before MiFID I where market structure and hence surveillance capabilities were very different. The rest of the market…

The benefits of collaboration services

15 Mar 2016

The world economy is facing challenges in 2016 and this economic pressure has an important influence on enterprise strategy today. Enterprises must adapt their structure accordingly and collaboration services in particular are reinforcing technological trends in today’s economic landscape. Businesses have…

Cloudifying the network

07 Mar 2016

If you believe that the cloud’s only partially along the way to being a huge, huge market, and I do believe that, the challenge for us at Colt is how do we make the network part of the cloud. It’s…

Best execution made simple?

03 Mar 2016

You may have read the last few blogs I’ve written about MiFID II, all of which dealt with aspects that were relatively technical. This time I’d like to look at something which is quite well understood by the market but…

Colt pledges ‘1Gb Always’ speed

03 Mar 2016

Colt has established ‘1Gb Always’ to help businesses innovate in a digital era, and to directly support today’s flux in IT requirements that require high speed connectivity. Infrastructure speed and performance is currently listed by 71% of European CIOs as one of the most important tech-based issues influencing their decisions around IT change.

Colt belooft 1Gb Always-snelheden

03 Mar 2016

Nieuw initiatief komt tegemoet aan de groeiende vraag naar snelle verbindingen met hoge bandbreedte Colt belooft klanten in 20 grote Europese steden ‘1Gb Always’-snelheden te bieden om te voorzien in hun groeiende behoefte aan snelle verbindingen met hoge bandbreedte. Colt…

Disruptive Force of SDN

02 Mar 2016

Software defined networking (SDN) takes a very traditional model that we’ve had for a long time, changes it, and potentially breaks it. This model has so far been very proprietary, based on proprietary technology. No matter what technology you bought…

Next J-GATE service bundle launch

29 Feb 2016

Colt announced today the launch of the “Colt OSE Next J-GATE Migration Service”, a new service bundle to help firms currently located in the JPX Co-Lo (OPEN) migrate to JPX Co-Lo (all). The new service bundle combines colocation services, low latency market data feeds, and network connectivity with end-to-end project management.

Gartner recognises Colt

22 Feb 2016

Colt today announces that it has been recognised by Gartner for the fourth consecutive year in its ‘Critical Capabilities for Pan-European Network Services’ report. The world’s leading information technology research and advisory company marked all of Colt’s capabilities in the Excellent Category, among the industry’s leading vendors.

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