Colt delivers 100G-enabled network of future

03 Nov 2016

Colt is focused on enabling critical business connectivity solutions by building out a multi-terabit optical backbone and next generation packet network optimised for 100Gbps connectivity…

IoT lessons learned from smart city trailblazers

02 Nov 2016

Milton Keynes set out to become a British trailblazer, using an elaborate internet of things (IoT) network to alleviate some of the potential growth problems while making life easier for its residents…

Colt to revamp Japanese network infrastructure

26 Oct 2016

Cloud service providers, financial organizations, content distributors, and even ISPs all require backbone networks with greater reliability and speeds greater than 10Gbps…

Colt starts construction of new Tokyo data centre

25 Oct 2016

Colt, a leading international carrier-neutral data centre provider, held an opening ceremony to commemorate the start of construction on a data centre just east of Tokyo. The new data centre is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Service matters: The link between NPS and revenue

21 Oct 2016

Service Matters. So Colt looked at what drives different aspects of NPS and then broke NPS down into its constituent parts and built a programme of work to determine which levers it needed to pull to make a difference to each of those components. …

Colt PrizmNet Expands North American Offering

17 Oct 2016

Colt is rapidly expanding the Colt PrizmNet financial extranet in North America to include a range of U.S. and Canadian financial content providers, foreign exchange (FX) venues and technology providers, including Hotspot, Nasdaq and Omega ATS. …

Colt launches next phase of managed SD-WAN service

12 Oct 2016

SD-WAN forms a hybrid network where non critical data is offloaded to a secured internet tunnel, freeing up MPLS bandwidth for business critical data…

Liquid infrastructure: Transformation innovation

Just as collaborative culture requires flexibility in the deployment of new tools, as teams grow (and shrink) dynamically, the same is true of networking requirements between sites. Businesses need to be able to flex their bandwidth accordingly.

City of London cuts time to get business online

19 Sep 2016

September 19, 2016 – Colt has significantly reduced the time and cost it takes to get London businesses online, cutting down the deployment process from months to mere weeks…

Colt adds low-latency TOCOM market data feeds

13 Sep 2016

The migration of TOCOM trading to the J-GATE trading system will make it easier for local and international traders to trade Japanese commodities products – which are becoming increasingly popular with investors – at lower latencies. …

What’s limiting smart city deployment in Europe?

12 Sep 2016

If the benefits from smart city adoption are so apparent, being aided with the constant emergence of connected solutions (IoT, 5G, Cloud), what is limiting smart city deployment across leading nations in Europe?…

Colt Heading BG 06

Colt seen as growing threat in Ethernet market

08 Sep 2016

September 08, 2016 – Colt Technology Services has been recognised for its dominance in the global Ethernet market and is now threatening the current market leader, according to the Vertical Systems Group’s Mid-Year 2016 Global Provider Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard.

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