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U-NEXT selects Colt Wave as its low-latency, high-bandwidth data transfer solution for high-volume digital entertainment libraries

About U-NEXT
U-NEXT provides movies, e-books, music, and other forms of digital media on demand and on a variety of devices ranging from TVs and PCs to smartphones, tablets, etc. Our aim is to bring the joy of digital entertainment to all, providing users the freedom to experience content when and how they want.

U-NEXT’s business challenge
Our company digital library comprises over 120,000 video titles, with over 2,000 more being added each month. We also offer more than 200,000 e-books. Our servers transmit terabytes upon terabytes of data daily. With content consumption continuing to increase, we were quickly starting to saturate our 1Gbps stream. We needed a solution with not only greater bandwidth, but also reliability and security, as we’re in the business of providing access to copyrighted material.

Why Colt
We compared solutions from three different providers including Colt. Colt was the only one that had a low-latency, high-bandwidth network with the reliability and price point we required. Besides furnishing high-performance connectivity for us, Colt also provided excellent support from the beginning, even during the preliminary stages. Since service activation, we haven’t experienced a single instance of data loss or corruption due to transmission error. Colt’s services have performed admirably, meeting all expectations.

Future plans
To enhance the quality of our services even further, we plan to expand our avenues of delivery and continue adding more content. This will, of course, boost our expected volume of data transfers. Judging by the service Colt has provided thus far though, we feel prepared to handle these increases smoothly and look forward to continuing our partnership.

With digital content such videos, e-books, music, and more requiring greater bandwidth, we needed a solution with more headroom. Colt delivered with their low-latency, high-bandwidth IQ Network, allowing us to process mass amounts of data quickly and smoothly. This has allowed us to focus more on our core business.Takuya Satou, Media processing technology division, operation section

Colt solutions

Colt Wave

Colt Wave is a lease line service that supports high bandwidth and a large variety of service protocols. Connect your access points with our reliable fiber network and a WDM*1 receiver. (*1 WDM: Wavelength-Division Multiplexing)

High quality

  • Redundant service with guaranteed end-to-end bandwidth Colt has fibre between Osaka and Tokyo, and service is provided through a WDM receiver
  • Proven track record and established reputation for serving the financial services industry

Extensive coverage
Covers the over 60 PoPs, data centres, and even major submarine Cable Landing Stations (CLS)*2

Full bilingual support
Flexible, end-to-end bilingual support covering everything from the estimate, to placing an order, installation, operation, and billing

Download the full case study

Case Study

BitPoint Japan

BitPoint Japan is a cryptocurrency exchange trader established in March 2016 as a subsidiary of Remix Point, a TSE listed company, its mission is to help create a new way of money.

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