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Whitepaper: Benefits of VoIP

Despite the fact that businesses increasingly rely on email, instant messaging and even video, voice continues to add value and is still the most efficient and intuitive method of communication.

But with a global transition to IP networking, the ubiquitous availability of robust connectivity solutions and the rise of the data centre form the fundamental building blocks for the cloud-enabled enterprise. Voice is part of this transition, with voice capabilities moving from standalone functions to being baked into enterprise business applications, with IP telephony delivering many cost and management advantages.

Traditional legacy solutions have high up front CAPEX costs; long supplier deployment lead times; expensive on-going maintenance contracts; chargeable system software upgrades to keep up to date and current; and proprietary PBX telephony systems that exist as silos.

While the benefits of VoIP range from greater scalability, improved collaboration efforts internally between employees and externally with clients, mobility and the ability to work anywhere, enhanced security and reliability, cost control, and elasticity.

To find out more about the benefits of VoIP, download our whitepaper.