V6 World Congress to unveil IPv6 with iBAHN and Colt

Delegates at the V6 and the co-located MPLS+Ethernet World Congress 8-11th February in Paris will have the opportunity to experience demonstrations of IPv6 applications, delivered through the Marriott Paris Rive Gauche Hotel and Conference centre’s iBAHN powered network. To support the iBAHN solution, Colt will be providing the underlying Internet IPv6 Access service, a first for this combined business solution.

More than 50 visionary speakers from the ICT sector will present an in-depth analysis of the IPv6 transition so far, detailing lessons learned and offering demonstrations including end-to-end IPv6 application level connectivity.

Rémi Scavenius, V6 World Congress co-Director, said: “IPv6’s time has come. This is now an issue that cannot be ignored. We’re going to create a passionate debate during the V6 World congress, as many questions still remain unanswered at the beginning of this final year before IPv4 exhaustion. This is a year that will see a major pick up in IPv6 deployments across our industry”.

Tom Duke, iBAHN’s CTO, commented: "iBAHN has worked closely with Colt to enable the first production IPv6 line that either company has installed, which will be showcased at V6 World Congress. Education of technical staff in IPv6 remains a challenge in all organisations and iBAHN staff have enjoyed the opportunity to work with Colt to take this step forward. We look forward to a successful event."

Luke Broome, Colt’s CTO, adds: “As Europe’s leading information delivery platform, we’re taking advantage of our advanced network capabilities and experience to move from testing and research to successful delivery of a business level IPv6 solution for our customers. We are a key provider in Europe and we will continue to develop our capabilities to match the evolving challenges of IPv6 deployment and its interworking with IPv4.”

About V6 World Congress

V6 World Congress is the first edition of a major industry forum that will be held in the Rive Gauche Marriott Hotel and Conference Centre, Paris, next 8-11th February 2011, simultaneously to the MPLS+Ethernet World Congress.

The program based on content providers’ testimonies and service providers’ reports will address all technical and standard issues that need to be solved in order to organize the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. To read more about the V6 World congress, an Upperside conference co-organised with the IPv6 Forum, visit http://www.upperside.fr/v6world2011/v6world2011intro.htm

• Javier Benitez Senior Network Architect in charge of the IPv6 Project, will participate at the service providers debate on Wednesday 9th at 18.00 on the topic: ’What are the biggest hurdles for a service provider to deploy IPv6‘;
• Tom Duke, CTO at iBAHN will be presenting ‘iBAHN’s Learnings in Building an IPv6 Network’ on Wednesday 9th at 10.00 in the Louis Armstrong meeting area.

About Colt

Colt is Europe’s leading information delivery platform, enabling its customers to share, process and store their vital business information. An established leader in delivering integrated networking and IT managed services to major organisations, midsized businesses and wholesale customers, Colt operates a 19-country, 25,000km network that includes metropolitan area networks in 34 major European cities with direct fibre connections into 17,000 buildings and 19 Colt data centres. In 2010, the Colt Data Centre Services business was launched to deliver innovative high quality modular data centres which are rapid to deploy and power efficient.

Colt is listed on the London Stock Exchange (COLT). Information about Colt and its services can be found at www.colt.net.

About iBAHN

The company is the only global provider of digital information/entertainment and Internet solutions for the hospitality and meeting industries. Monthly, more than 1.8 million travellers and meeting attendees rely on iBAHN to increase productivity with secure high-speed Internet access options in nearly 3,000 hotels, conference centres and meeting spaces in 42 countries worldwide. iBAHN’s digital entertainment and information services feature leading programming in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and India. Operating one of the largest MPLS networks in the industry, the company provides technology solutions to more than 50,000 events annually, ranging from small group meetings to major industry conferences, while serving more than 40% of Fortune 100 corporations. For more information, please visit www.ibahn.com.

About IPV6

The Internet protocol is the network layer mechanism used in both public (Internet) & private (home or enterprise) IP networks to transport user data packets between systems. These systems are identified by an IP address, which has to be unique on the Internet for the host to be able to communicate with other parties. Version 4 of the IP protocol, developed in the 70’s and universally used since then, defines an address field which is 4 byte-long. Due to the growth of Internet-enabled devices this address space is soon to be exhausted and used up. Version 6 of the protocol which has been standardised in 1998 comes with a 16-byte address field but is not compatible with its predecessor. Participants in the Internet ecosystem will have to start to support IPv6 in 2011 and maintain both IPv4 and IPv6 platforms for many years to come.

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