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The Full Picture | Colt Technology Services

The killing of George Floyd in the summer of 2020 sparked worldwide outrage, becoming a turning point for the anti-racism movement. So how do we transfer that momentum to the world of work? This week, our guests are Tabitha McKenzie, Global HR Business Partner at Colt, and Niall Simpson, Senior Consultant at Wiser and Founder of the Black Tech Sales Network. We discuss the importance of role models, the impact of the events of this summer and how to shape a more representative workforce. Further speaker details below.

About the Full Picture

The Full Picture is a podcast from Colt Technology Services combining individual stories and expert opinions to make sense of the world around us. We’re excited to cover new ground this series, such as the trans experience of the workplace, modern masculinity and coming out at work.

Giving every voice a platform to be heard and building an environment where our people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work is a core focus for our business. Producing this podcast is our way of taking one meaningful step towards that, through education, communication and listening.

The Full Picture blends personal stories from our Colties, their own experiences and unique perspectives, along with the views and insights from experts within our industry and beyond. Episodes will focus in on topics that mean something to our people and the workforces of other organisations such as mental health, neurodiversity in tech, changing conversations about race, to name a few.

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Meet our guest speakers

Tabitha McKenzie

Tabitha McKenzie

Global HR Business Partner, Colt Technology Services

Joining Colt in December 2018, Tabitha is a dynamic HR professional with experience of partnering with, influencing and coaching senior leadership in the financial services, professional services and technology sectors. In her role as a Global HR Business Partner, Tabitha proactively uses her business understanding to identify issues, provide insight and develop effective solutions.

Additionally, she is the co-lead on Colt’s Global Racial Diversity project addressing the support and structures mechanisms within the organisation. In her leisure time she enjoys improving her language skills, travelling, music and photography.

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Niall Simpson

Niall Simpson

Senior Consultant, Wiser and founder of the Black Tech Sales Network

Niall Simpson is a Senior Consultant at Wiser and the founder of the Black Tech Sales Network. Niall started the network to provide young Black people with more visibility of the career options that exist in the tech world, and to create a community where Black sales professionals could come together and share their experiences.

The network continues to grow at a rate of knots and Niall has been invited by multiple university societies to address students on the future that may await them in tech.

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