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We are currently in the midst of a generational shift in computing architecture to the cloud. The ecosystem of IT suppliers which has existed in relative stability for a number of years is now in the process of being reordered by the capabilities offered by cloud service providers (CSPs).

Cloud, and the emerging technologies which it enables, have the potential to fundamentally impact how we do business in the future – and no industry is immune.

Gartner is predicting the worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 17.3 percent in 2019 to total $206.2 billion, up from $175.8 billion in 2018.[1] This suggests to us that investment in cloud solutions by enterprises is only going to increase.

It is clear then that cloud adoption has the potential to make or break the future of many of today’s businesses – and while this fact is widely recognised – the importance of the physical network infrastructure connecting enterprise buildings and data centres to the cloud itself is rarely highlighted.

The leading cloud service providers offer customers pay as you go access to a secure, high performance environment, rich in value added IT resources to perform AI, ML and Big Data Analytics.

However, the promise of all this cloud based intelligence is of limited practical use to businesses unless it is combined with an equally intelligent network solution which connects enterprise premises and data centres to the cloud. The benefits of investing in a reliable, scalable and high performance cloud offering can only be fully harnessed if it is matched by a network infrastructure which provisions the same levels of security, performance and agility.

This is why the Colt IQ Network offers customers high bandwidth connectivity to the world’s largest CSPs including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. Colt’s highly dense, fully owned fibre network can provide direct connections to key cloud PoPs across Europe & Asia, and is available to the customer via an intuitive on-demand portal allowing users to flex bandwidth consumption in line with their needs. In addition, our direct partner relationships with leading CSPs also helps Colt to deliver higher levels of service through this offering.

Colt’s intelligent networking capabilities not only provide direct connectivity to the cloud, but also closely aligns with the intelligent, high performance cloud portfolios offered by leading CSPs: a solution which fully enables customers to harness the transformative power of the cloud to drive their digital transformation journeys.

To read more about Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access offering, please click here.

[1] Gartner Press Release, Gartner Forecasts Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue to Grow 17.3 Percent in 2019, September 12, 2018,

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14 March 2019


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