Yue Wu

Facilities Manager, London

I started ballroom dancing in 2005. I can’t really remember why I started, I think I just wanted something to do in the evenings and Kingston University was offering classes. I did badminton, English and ballroom. I’ve actually choreographed wedding dances for a couple of my friends. The first time, my friend and her fiancé had a song in mind but they couldn’t dance at all, so they asked me to teach them.

We started with the basics. I taught them a waltz because that’s one of the easiest to start with, it’s just ‘one, two, three, one, two, three, heel, toe, toe, heel, toe, toe’. The next week they came back and changed the song! I want all my friends to get married now so I can teach them to dance.

Four and a half years ago, I competed in the first Colt Strictly Come Dancing. As I had a bit of experience, I was paired up with a guy who’d done ballroom dancing as a kid, and we were given a dance instructor, Jorge, who was lovely. We had five or six lessons over a two month period, but my partner and I would
also practise once a week on top of that – we decided to dance the waltz and the cha cha. As our ‘big move’ in the routine, a friend of mine made this huge silver skirt for me to rip off after the waltz to reveal my little dress for the cha cha. We ended up winning. I won a trophy that was smaller than my hand – hey it’s still a trophy!

Yue Wu | Facilities Manager | London